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Lyra Stool, Set of 2
Item #: MGL20

Lyra Stool, Set of 2



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Lyra Stool, Set of 2
by Magis
designed by Design Group Italia

Inspired by the bent plywood approach of Charles and Ray Eames, Design Group Italia set out to make the Lyra Stool distinctive from the get-go. This curvaceous counterstool features a curve at the back that almost defies physics - and turns out to be quite comfortable. Since the early 1990s, the Lyra Stool has graced the interiors of some of the most well-designed homes, and proven that sometimes the simplest way to go is the most beautiful.

Lyra Stool Features:

  • Counterstool is 30.31" h x 16.92" w x 15.74" d
  • Barstool is 34.64" h x 16.92" w x 15.74" d
  • Beech veneer adds richness to the seat
  • Bent plywood seat is both graceful and sturdy
  • Gently curved and tapered legs add a modern touch


Legs and frame: chrome
Seat: molded plywood, beech veneer

Counter stool: 30.31" h x 16.92" w x 15.74" d
Bar stool: 34.64" h x 16.92" w x 15.74" d


MagisMagis is an Italian furniture company that puts a high emphasis on design and technological innovation. Its products often find themselves on the cutting edge of both design and structural composition - many times almost as a byproduct of the designer's standards of what is good and necessary in a useful chair or table. Magis seeks to create items that can be used in any room of the home (indoors or outdoors) and add beauty anywhere. Founded in 1976 and continuing to operate as a factory-free organization, Magis uses local contractors and outsources its manufacturing to create greater flexibility in the design process.


Design Group ItaliaDesign Group Italia, started in 1968, has put their creative stamp on products ranging from household items, to personal care products, to furniture. Currently run by partners Edgardo Angelini, Ross De Salvo, and Sigurdur Thorsteinsson, they seek to experiment as much as possible as they come up with design ideas, knowing that the best designs come from minds that have sought out all possibilities. When beginning work on the Lyra Stool for Magis, they referenced the work of Charles and Ray Eames and came up with a bent plywood seat as a sort of homage to the pioneers in that material. DGI has nine nations represented on its staff of 30, making their firm one of the most diverse - and therefore wide-ranging in ability - in the field of design.


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Package Size:
Counter stool: 17.32" x 17.32" x 48.03"
Bar stool: 17.32" x 17.32" x 48.03"

Package Weight:
Counter stool: 53.02 lbs
Bar stool: 57.64 lbs

Assembly Required:

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The Magis Lyra Stool comes with a 2-year limited manufacturer's warranty.