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  • Picture of Valet Stand
  • Picture of Valet Stand

Valet Stand

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Valet Stand

At A Glance:
This valet stand is like the multi-tool of the bedroom. Anyone who wears a suit knows what it's like to try to coordinate pants, jacket, tie, cuffs, shirt, wallet, and all the rest of the essentials. Well, the valet stand is a one stop shop for everything you'll be wearing. Whether you leave your suit on the stand overnight or set it out in the morning when getting dressed, this stand is a useful tool to make sure you get efficiently into your suit without wrinkling it.


  • Top shelf holds things you'll be putting in your pockets
  • Drawer holds jewelry like watch, cuff links, tie clip
  • Side hook holds tie
  • Front rack holds pants
  • Hanger at back holds jacket
  • Sturdy wood base keeps the whole thing upright and stable

Materials & Measurements

Solid wood and wood composite material.

Overall: 19.84" w x 14.96" d x 55.33" h

Assembly Required?

Shipping & Delivery

The Valet Stand is in stock and generally ships via UPS within 48 hours of the time of purchase for destinations within the contiguous United States. It will be delivered to your door or storefront.

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