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Cordies Executive

The Cordies Executive is an 8 slot desk organizer that keeps notebooks, papers, cords, smartphones, and e-readers in methodically tidy order. With a weighted aluminum base stability is achieved while the black tone gives is a chic look.

Pivot Power

The Power Pivot by Quirky gives you much needed extra electrical outlets. The circular design keeps cords from tangling up and the 6 foot cord allows it to be station just about anywhere.

Space Bar Desk Organizer

The Space Bar Desk Organizer gives you access to easy to use 6 USB ports. It sorts up 30.5 lbs and lifts your computer 1.5 inches so the keyboard is stored safely when not in use.

Cloak iPad Case

The Cloak iPad Case is chic protector case for your 1st-gen Apple iPad. It doubles as a stand for viewing and reading comfortably.

Cordies Cable Organizers

The Cordies Cable Organizers by Quirky saves you from the hair pulling out moments. The set of 5 allows you to keep your electrical cords stationed in one convenient spot. Each organizer is made of rubber and has 4 slots to hold computer cords, headphones, mouse cords. Create a peaceful and tangle proof workspace.


For all those Mac users, The PowerCurl is keeps your computer cords nice, neat and tangle free. The case that houses the adapter will not overheat as it is raised off the ground. All in all, the PowerCurl by Quirky allows your my mind to be free to focus on other details instead of worrying about a potential mess.

Contort Flexible USB Hub

Quirky's Contort Flexible USB Hub offers cord management. Its flexible rubber body houses 4 USB ports to ensure maximum usage and storing ability.

Mantis Clip On Task Lamp

Squinting and straining at work is a sure way to make your office life unbearable. The Mantis Clip On Task Lamp by Quirky can prevent those headaches by brightening any dark spot. It is freestanding but it can also be clipped to a bookshelf, keyboard or desk. The 11 bright LEDs make visibility clear; but you can also customize the light level with highlight or lowlight. If you've forgotten to turn it off, no worries - it shuts off automatically after 2 hours.
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Cordlets Cable Anchors

If the cords coming and going from your computer have you tangled up reach for the Cordlets Cable Anchors. The pack of 4 helps organize your desk space. Each anchor has an adhesive base and slots for easy cord management.

Travelstacks Cup Holder

The Travelstacks Cup Holder by Quirky is sure to make auto travel more organized and seamless. It fits in a standard cup holder, but it optimizes space and aid in organization.

Wrapster Headphone Cord Organizer

The hassle and irritation that accompanies headphones no longer needs to cause you headaches with the Wrapster Headphone Cord Organizer by Quirky. It is compact, durable and sturdy. Perfect for any smartphone or mp3 player.
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