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6X3 Stacked Storage Cubes
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Semblance Office Package 5412PB
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3x3 Storage Cubes, Set of 2
$458.00 $389.30
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4' Wide Classic Bookshelf
$324.00 $275.40
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5' Wide Trilogy Staircase Shelf
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3' Wide Trilogy Nook Shelf
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7' Wide Arc Display Shelf AA0307f001
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9' Wide 2-Tier Media Console
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9' Wide Bookshelf 0409s008
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2' Wide Classic Storage Shelf
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3' Wide Classic Storage Shelf
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6' Wide Smart Shelf 0606f022
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3' Wide Classic Display Shelving
$364.00 $309.40
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Modular Shelving

Modular shelving puts a modern twist on a furniture staple. Shelves of some sort have probably existed since cavemen had to store their bludgeoning clubs somewhere, and they've been around in some capacity ever since. Most shelf designs over the years consisted of a horizontal platform suspended between supportive sides, but modular shelving has stepped away from that aesthetic. Instead, it consists of many smaller cubbies that offer partitioned storage capabilities. Modular shelving has a contemporary streak, and with some accessories like Corn Husk Baskets, you can construct nifty alternatives to boring bookshelves with multifaceted storage solutions.

So what does modular mean?

Modular shelving has some variety to it, but its typical calling card consists of small cubicles that divide up its storage space into distinct compartments. One of our most popular modular shelves, the Componibili Module, looks like a space age side table, but it offers a great example of what modular shelving is all about. It is typically multi-tiered, the shelves have doors, it's flexible, and it looks modern.

Smart Furniture's roots

Smart Furniture got its start when our founder, Stephen Culp, invented his original modular shelving, the aptly-named Smart Shelves. These innovative shelves consist of made-in-the-USA components that go together without tools. The units are customizable and expandable, practical and stylish.


Modular shelving can serve multiple purposes aside from simply storing your stuff. Larger units like the Kartell Modular Bookshelf can operate as a room divider, and certain configurations of Smart Shelves make awesome media consoles. Slapping a bookshelf in the middle of your studio apartment might not look so cool, but divvying up the space into a living and dining room arrangement with 3x3 Cubes will look much more chic and offer some utility for underutilized space.

I want modular shelves!

Whether you need the perfect shelf to compliment your rocket ship bed or just some practical display units that can grow with your Asian vase collection, modular shelves are a great way to add style, storage, and utility to any room of your home. Give our furniture experts a call at 888-467-6278, and we'll be happy to get you set up with the furniture that fits your exact needs.

If you feel bold, you can also convert your entire office to a modular arrangement. We'll help - our design assistance is free of charge.