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9' Wide Bookshelf 0609s017
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Smart Shelves are where Smart Furniture got our start. These ingenious shelving units, which can be put together by the buyer with a minimum of effort and absolutely no tools, are the reason we started this company. Since then we've added hundreds and thousands of new products from world famous companies and designers the world over, but Smart Shelves are still one of our most popular items. They are certainly the most emblematic of who we are as a company - they're beautifully designed, they're endlessly customizable, and they put the power to create great design in the hands of the buyers. Here are a few of our Smart Shelving options, ranging between 6 and 10 feet wide.

The 6 foot wide Trilogy Staircase Shelf is so-named because it could fit against the underside of a 45 degree staircase. Each shelf narrows as it ascends, creating a right triangle that can fit in even the most limited space. This is a more open design, as it has no top shelf that caps the structure. Another very cool design is the 9 foot wide Bookshelf 0609s017, which fuses a short, medium and tall bookcase together to form an impressive bookshelf. The 6 foot wide Display Shelf is divided into three section, with the one in the middle being narrow and meant for smaller items, and the outer sections being wider and more amenable to larger items or larger display.

When you get your hands on one of our Smart Shelves, you can become one of the designers. You can build them the way you want them to look, to fit your space perfectly and personally. And thats the Smart Furniture difference.