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Musone Aged Shelf
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Floating Wall Shelf
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Oliver Floating Shelf
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3' Carved Wall Shelf
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McCoy Aged Wood Shelf
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Duo Bath Shelf
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Valley Wall Shelf
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Agustin Shelf
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Entryway Cubbie Shelf
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4' Carved Wall Shelf
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Franklin Shelf
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Gualdo Aged Wood Shelf
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Double Decker Floating Shelf
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Matrix Display Shelf
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Entryway 60" Cubbie Shelf
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Labyrinth Black Shelf
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Fire Escape Shelf
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Lavina Shelf
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Pax 3-Piece Shelf Set
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Enigma Display Shelf
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Sento Bath Shelf
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Terra White Shelf
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Wall Hutch Cubbie Shelf
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The Ledge
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Aluminum Display Shelf
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Corniche Wall Shelf
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Good Morning Shelf
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The Cutter
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Terra Black Shelf
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Pax 4-Piece Shelf Set
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Dash Thinline
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Villages Wall Shelf, 24-36"
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Heron Wall Shelf Kit
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Wall Shelves and Floating Shelves

Shop our huge selection of wall shelves - available in almost every shape and size you can imagine.

Found your shelves and need brackets? Shop our Wall Shelf Brackets

Wall shelves, also known as floating shelves, are called so because they're designed to look as though the objects they hold float in mid-air. They stick out from the wall with, with no visible base in some models, providing a sleek and modern look to any room in your home. Our wall shelves and floating shelves are made of wood, metal or glass and can be used virtually anywhere. Lifting your belongings off the wall and looking stellar in the process, these wall shelves indeed prove that Isaac Newton was overrated.

Floating shelves are called so because they're designed to look as though the objects they hold float in mid-air. They stick out from the wall with no visible base and give a sleek, modern look to any room in your home. Floating shelves are made of wood, metal or glass and can be used virtually anywhere.

A floating shelf can be mounted in your front foyer to hold up a ceramic bowl containing house keys. They can be hung up in your daughter's dorm room to give her a place to showcase photos or stack books. One can also be mounted in your living room to hold up your entire entertainment system. In fact, using wall shelves is becoming one new way to host your entertainment system. Our collection of wall shelves help you keep your floor space open while adding additional storage space on your walls.

Shop our extensive collection of wall shelving, floating shelves, and coat racks. Smart Furniture is your solution to finding the shelf that's just right for your wall space, and with a variety of glass, wood, and plastic wall shelves to choose from, you're sure to find the size and shape that fits that empty space in your living room, study, or bedroom. A wall ledge can be a great way to save space on your floor and create a versatile display at the same time.

Finding the perfect wall shelves for your space is easy at Smart Furniture. With a large selection of wall-mounted shelving, wood wall shelves, glass shelves and even ledges, you're sure to find what you're looking for.

To speak with a sales professional regarding available brackets and finishes, or to ask about wall-mounted shelving options, call us from 8 AM to 8PM Eastern Standard Time at 888-467-6278. Smart Furniture is a design retail store in Chattanooga, TN that specializes in delivering an unmatched catalog of modern furniture items with a free design service to make sure you get the item that's just right for your space.

Now you can shop our selection of wall shelf brackets to go with your wall shelves.

*Note-several wall shelves come as kits that include brackets or with a built-in mounting system. Read product information on an individual basis to see whether or not additional brackets have to be purchased with your wall shelving or ledges.

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