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Every home, apartment and office is different, but they all have one thing in common - unique storage and display needs. Framed photographs, small potted plants, tools, paperbacks, that thing your favorite aunt got you that one time from that place...The unifying factor is often a need for a solution that fits into your limited spaces. That's why Smart Furniture carries a wide variety of wall shelves with a depth of 1 to 5 inches. These modest solutions are just the right size for your small-scale display and storage needs. They're also attractive, quirky, sturdy, and customizable.

Design on Demand is our creed here at Smart Furniture, and that extends to every product and product line that we carry. 1 to 5 inch deep wall shelves are no exception to that rule. If you're looking for something modern, even sculptural, check out the Floating Wall Cubes or the Floating Block Shelves. These wall shelves seem to be floating against the wall - the method of attachment is invisible to the viewer. If you're looking for something that's super-efficient and well-organized, you might be interested in the Cubby Organizer Wall Shelf, which is a handsomely designed multi-bin shelf with towel hooks, space for electronics, keys, wallets, or anything else you might want to keep up high.

Smart Furniture also has several glass shelving options, including the Cambridge Glass Wall Shelf. These shelves have a modern feel and look, and a suspended appearance similar to the floating shelves.

Smart Furniture is the premier online retailer of glass, wood and plastic shelving. If you want something quirky, or classic, or modern, you've come to the right page. When it comes to 1 to 5 inch deep wall shelving solutions, we've got you covered. Can't find what you're looking for? We can help! Give us a call at at 888-467-6278 and talk to one of our friendly sales and customer staff at our Chattanooga, TN headquarters about your wall shelving needs.