Wall Shelves by Depth 6 to 9 inches deep

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So Simple Wall Shelf

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Double Wall Mounted Storage Shelf

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Triple Wall Mounted Storage Shelf

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Hangz 2-Piece Anyway Shelf

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Oliver Floating Shelf

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Corniche Wall Shelf

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Conceal L Floating Book Shelf

The wood Conceal L Floating Book Shelf becomes invisible behind a stack of books. This wood wall shelf provides a highly useful storage purpose while looking modern and stylish at the same time. Use for mounting books for visual interest, and even for drawing the eye towards a painting or other beautiful object.

Villages Wall Shelf, 24-36"

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Heron Wall Shelf Kit

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LAX Series 3x Wall Mounted Shelf

This roomy shelf is part media console and part display forum. Constructed of English walnut with a powder coated white front, the wall mounted shelf is ideal for any contemporary space. Made by MASH Studios.
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Wall shelves are one of the most important storage and display solutions in the modern home or apartment. And in the office, they're essential for keeping a well-organized and attractive workspace. All the shelves on this page are available at a depth of 6-9 inches, meaning they're right in the middle in terms of dimensions. They're can hold and display objects both big and small, heavy and light, with an equal aplomb. Between the small-scale solutions of 6 inches or less shelving and the large installations of shelves with depths of 10 inches, these shelving units are, in the words of Goldilocks, "just right."

There are several different types of shelves available, several different styles, designers, and looks. One of the most popular is the "floating" shelf - a shelf that seems to float against the wall, with no brackets above, beneath or behind holding it up. Floating shelves are a staple of contemporary design, and they help to make your shelving just as interesting and good looking as the things you store and display on them. The Landa Wall Shelf, which is composed of a medium-thickness, squared off and colorful board, is a great example. Not only is it customizable (you choose the color and the size), it's beautiful and useful.

Materials are another concern of people who are investing in shelves. For some folks you can't beat glass, and for others wood is king. Still others choose more alternative materials like plastic or metal. The materials you use in your shelving solutions can contribute in a big way to the look and feel of your room, office, or storage area. Don't think of wall shelves as a boring or unimportant part of your design scheme; with the right choices, the right colors and the right materials, they can become an integral part of your vision.

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