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So Simple Wall Shelf

$36.00 $18.00

Floating Glass Cable Shelf


Oliver Floating Shelf

Free Shipping

Sumo Floating Shelf


Floating Photo Ledge

$28.00 $14.00

Classique Wall Shelf, 16"- 48"


Glace Wall Shelf, 24"-48"


Pacific Scoop Shelf


Double Decker Floating Shelf

Free Shipping

Floating Wall Shelf

Free Shipping

Entryway Cubbie Shelf


Woodline Floating Shelf


Chunky Floating Wall Shelf


Grande Floating Wall Shelf, 24"-48"


Clear Glass Shelf


Denver Wall Shelf


Floating Wood Cable Shelf


Conceal Floating Bookshelves

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Wall shelves are a storage solution, a design innovation, and a display area all in one. Sometimes overlooked, they are a major part of any well-executed room design, and an excellent (and attractive) way to store and display the things you care about. And when those things are large, like TVs, models, pottery, sculpture, or anything else you can think of, you need large shelving to go with them. That's why Smart Furniture carries a huge selection of 10 inch and deeper wall shelves, and carries them in so many different styles, colors, and materials.

Wall shelves this deep (and therefore this large) have a lot of advantages that smaller shelving units don't always offer. For instance, with the Entryway Cubbie Shelf you not only get an excellent deep shelf, you get three cubby holes and four coat hooks - in other words, the perfect foyer organization tool. Or you could choose something like the Double Decker Floating Shelf, which combines two deep shelving units with a simple and attractive metallic bracket that supports and separates them. Another great looking bracket can be found on the Floating Glass Cable Shelf, which uses wires anchored to two spots on the wall to keep the shelf up. The resulting look is airy and reminiscent of a suspension bridge - in other words, very cool.

Wall shelves are some of the most important elements in a well put together room. Both decorative, practical, and necessary, they're the unsung hero of many a beautiful room or office. Get yours today, in the size you need, from Smart Furniture.