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Glass shelves are an elegant choice for any home or office environment. Glass shelving is contemporary, beautiful, and surprisingly adaptable and varied in composition. Glass brings a very modern sensibility to a room. Glass shelves, with their transparency and perceived fragility (perceived, but not actual), make a delicate but purposeful statement. If you're looking for the right glass shelving to get your home or office where it needs to be, you've come to the right place. Smart Furniture is the premier online retailer of every kind of wall shelving, and glass shelves are no exception. Here you'll find what you need, no matter the depth, style, or need.

There are myriad styles when it comes to glass shelving. One of the most popular is "floating" shelving, or shelving that has no visible brackets holding it up or supporting it from above or below. It seems simply to float against the wall. If you're interested in this kind of shelf, check out our Portland Wall Shelf or the yin and yang of the Wave Floating Shelves. There are also plenty of elegant brackets within the world of glass shelving, with the Floating Glass Cable Shelf being one of the most prominent and, frankly, cool. Suspension wires, not nearly as bulky as typically brackets, hold up the shelf, and do so in a very stylish way. It's like having a mini-suspension bridge on your wall, with books and framed pictures stuck in pleasant traffic. Glace Wall Shelves stretch across wide expanses of wall, making them perfect for TVs, large artwork, pottery or major pieces (like models or collectors items) that you want prominently displayed.

These are only a few of the many, many glass shelving units in stock here at Smart Furniture. Be sure to get your own modern wall shelving today!