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Sometimes you don't need to buy an entirely new shelf - you just need to replace or improve parts of the one you already have, and already love. That's when you need to check out our selection of amazing wall shelving brackets. Our brackets have got you covered when it comes to looks, utility, and adaptability. These are brackets you can use for practically any kind of shelving you have, and they're sometimes a much cheaper option than simply replacing an entire shelf that may have a broken or malfunctioning bracket. From classic to modern, contemporary to old-school, we've got the shelf bracket for you.

If you're looking for beauty and a great sense of style, look at the Diamond Glass Shelf Bracket. Designed for glass shelving, but adaptable, this is a sturdy wooden bracket with a carved, tapering appearance. The stain gives the wood a dark, classic look that perfectly compliments glass shelving. It's also easy to use and install. Another great option can be found with the Crowne Shelf Bracket, which can have the same dark stain coloring but is more ornate and varied. Both wall shelf brackets are beautiful, and have a role to play in your home.

If you want something a bit more modern, you might be interested in the Pelicani Bracket, which is smooth and contemporary. Looking like the bow of a cruise ship, though with a rounded, softer edge, this bracket is an effective and modern counterpoint to carved bracket. Another interesting style can be seen in the Beak Bracket, which looks like a kind of elegant clamp that latches on to your shelve horizontally. All of these brackets are sturdy, attractive, and cheaper than replacing your entire shelf. Smart Furniture is proud to offer our customers a wide range of high quality shelving brackets.

If you're looking for wall shelf brackets for mounting wall shelves, shop at Smart Furniture. We have a fantastic variety of colorful wall brackets to go along with our selection of wall shelves. These strong brackets will help fasten your shelving firmly to the wall.