Wall Shelves by Material: Wood Wall Shelves

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Takara Column Shelf, Large

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Conceal L Floating Book Shelf

The wood Conceal L Floating Book Shelf becomes invisible behind a stack of books. This wood wall shelf provides a highly useful storage purpose while looking modern and stylish at the same time. Use for mounting books for visual interest, and even for drawing the eye towards a painting or other beautiful object.

Floating Photo Ledge

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Chunky Floating Wall Shelf


Floating Wall Shelf

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Woodline Floating Shelf


Grande Floating Wall Shelf, 24"-48"


Classique Wall Shelf, 16"- 48"


Oliver Floating Shelf

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Floating Wood Cable Shelf


Atherton Wall Ledge


Villages Wall Corner Shelf


San Diego Shelf Kit


Mod Wooden Floating Shelf


LAX Series 3x Wall Mounted Shelf

This roomy shelf is part media console and part display forum. Constructed of English walnut with a powder coated white front, the wall mounted shelf is ideal for any contemporary space. Made by MASH Studios.
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Rail Floating Wall Shelf


Form Floating Wall Shelf


Maine Floating Wall Shelf


Wall Hutch Cubbie Shelf

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Denver Wall Shelf


Anchor Floating Wall Shelf


Floating Wall Shelf with C-Shaped Brackets


Sumo Floating Shelf


So Simple Wall Shelf

$36.00 $18.00

Double Decker Floating Shelf

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Grande Curved Shelf


Lite Floating Shelf


Triple Wall Mounted Storage Shelf


Pacific Scoop Shelf


Double Wall Mounted Storage Shelf

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Entryway Cubbie Shelf


Cubby Organizer Wall Shelf


Entryway 36" Cubbie Shelf

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Entryway 60" Cubbie Shelf


Single 4" x 6" Photo Box Shelf


The Little Black Wall Shelf


Skovby MODO 2x2 Floating Storage Wall SM 721-731

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Unit 2 Wall Mounted Shelf


Mini Grande Floating Shelf


Blu Dot Wonder Wall Shelf, 2-Pack


Grande Wall Shelf Collage


Cradle Wall Shelf, 24"


Grande Wood Corner Shelf


Photo Box Shelf, Set of 2


Villages Wall Shelf, 24-36"

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Wood, in all it's various stains, styles and properties, is still one of the best and most versatile options at a designers disposal when coming up with some great ideas for new shelving. Wood can give off a modern feel, or a retro look, or a colorful, contemporary presence. Paint, wood stain and a huge variety of wood types (like cherry, walnut, beech, etc) make it an endlessly variable (and enviable) material. At Smart Furniture, we've collected some of the best wooden shelving designs on the market, and aggregated them in our online store for our customers. Peruse our selection of wooden shelving, and you're sure to find something you like.

Wood shelves come in many different styles. One of the most popular is the "floating" shelf, a shelf that appears to hang on a wall unassisted by brackets or support structures. The Real Wood Floating Shelf, and the Almost Perfect Wall Shelf are great examples of this kind of design. Floating shelves are a modern design style, and they give your home or office a fresher, more contemporary feel. If you're looking for larger more substantial shelving, take a look at the Sumo Floating Shelf or the Classique Wall Shelf. These units stretch across long sections of wall, and can support heavier items like televisions, stereos, or art. The Sumo is a thicker shelf, while the Classique employs a thinner, more elegant board.

Smart Furniture is your one stop shop for all your wooden shelving needs. Here you can choose from dozens of models and designers, and customize your choice to incorporate your favorite colors or stains. If you're looking for the perfect wooden shelf, look no further than Smart Furniture.