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One Quart Pet Bowl

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Cordies Executive

The Cordies Executive is an 8 slot desk organizer that keeps notebooks, papers, cords, smartphones, and e-readers in methodically tidy order. With a weighted aluminum base stability is achieved while the black tone gives is a chic look.

Pixo Desk Lamp

The Pixo Desk Lamp is an LED lamp that features a compact design. This task lamp's rotating head and arm let you direct its light wherever you need it. USB port built in for device charging. High-low switch gives you control over this desk light's brightness.
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Bird on a Wire Coat Hanger


Sophie Lamp

The Sophie Lamp features a cylindrical diffuser made from polycarbonate. Its steel base has either a satin or polished finish. Perfectly sized for nightstands or small end tables.
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Calligaris Bubbles Mirror

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Dash Task Light

The dash LED Task Light is as much about improving how we work as it is about making a subtle statement with its design. Featuring clean lines, fluid movement and a timeless aesthetic, dash provides optimal lighting in nearly every environment. Yielding a soft consistent pool of light which “falls off” considerably less than other LED lamps.

Kinetic Cube Runner

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Kinetic Scallop Runner

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Cradle Wall Shelf, 24"


Glace Wall Shelf, 24"-48"


FlowerPot VP1 Pendant Lamp


Link Desk Lamp

The Link Desk Lamp has a multitude of features that make it one of the most user friendly and useful lamps available. Available in two sizes, the Link Lamp has pivoting tension control and a high/low/off switch. Made by Pablo Designs.
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Claudo LED Accent Pendant Light


Pleat Box Suspended Light , Medium

The Medium Pleat Box Suspended Light features a striking ceramic shade with four "pleats" that mimic the shape of a draped piece of cloth. This medium sized pendant lamp is 14.17" in diameter and hangs 6.5' from the ceiling. Available in 4 colors.
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Levo LED Sconce Light

Using energy-efficient LEDs, brushed aluminum and rich Walnut wood, the multi-tasking Levo LED Sconce Light is proof that you don't need to settle for an "either/or" lamp. Need ambient lighting? Here you go. Need a reading lamp? Levo has you covered. Modern, with rich materials, Levo is ready to give you just the kind of light you need in your space - and is especially good for bedroom settings.

Element Vision Light

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Element Light

The Element Light by Humascale is a highly adjustable task light with low energy consumption. The unique counterbalance design and 360 degree swivel allows for easy adjustability, letting you easily position your light anywhere in your workspace. A single-element multi-chip LED prevents multiple shadows that plague other LED lights. Using only 7 watts of power and a 60,000 hour lifespan the Element Light is one of the most eco-friendly lights on the market today.
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Element 790 LED Light

The Humanscale Element 790 LED Light combines environmentally sustainable manufacturing processes with incredible function, making it one of the most innovative ergonomic task lights on the market. The Element 790 LED produces 90 watts of illumination using just 7 watts of power. The LED light uses a single-element multi-chip LED - that means that there are nor awkward multiple shadows. A dimmer switch with 10 settings offers adjustability and the pivoting and rotating function of the arm and head give you the freedom to shine line anywhere on your workspace.
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Element Disc Light

The Element Disc Light from Humanscale breaks new ground in the field of ergonomic task lighting. This LED task light from Humanscale features a counterbalanced design, making movement and adjustments easy, an occupancy sensor that automatically shuts when you leave and a dimmer switch with 7 settings. With its incredible flexibility and adjustability, in addition to low energy use, the Humanscale Element Disc Light offers a brilliant lighting solution for your desk or work space.
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Kicks iPad Rails

Your iPad isn't ready to go until it has its kicks on. The BlueLounge Kicks are thin, silicone rubber rails that attach to the back of your iPad. These stylish Kicks help keep the back of your device from getting scratched or slipping, and their minimal design doesn't add any bulk or weight to your tablet.

Clap On Alarm Cube Clock


Fatboy DoggieLounge, Small

Free Shipping

Eames The Architect and the Painter DVD

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Boa Glass Wall Shelf


Spun Pattern Table Runner


Adorn Jewelry Holder

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Refresh Charging Station


Collapsible Luggage Rack with Laundry Basket

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Pivot Power

The Power Pivot by Quirky gives you much needed extra electrical outlets. The circular design keeps cords from tangling up and the 6 foot cord allows it to be station just about anywhere.

MiniDock Charger

The BlueLounge MiniDock lets you charge your phone right on the wall. Now you no longer have to put your iPhone on a bathroom or kitchen sink, both freeing up surface space and keeping your iPhone out of reach of deadly liquids. With the BlueLounge MiniDock your iPhone is easier to use as it charges, and its safer too.

Milo Smartphone Stand

The Milo Smartphone Stand utilizes a hi-tec micro-suction technology to support your phone and stay attached to your table or desk. Simply peel away the protective layer, push and hold the suction pad onto whatever surface you're attaching it to, sit back and enjoy. With its clever design the Milo Stand positions your phone at the perfect angle to view videos, make conference calls, or beat that next level in Angry Birds. The Milo Smartphone Stand is an ingenious accessory that will add a little style and function to your phone.

Moon Bowl


High & Dry Dish Rack


Sort It Out Wall Caddy

Free Shipping

Alfred Shaheen Floral Rug

Free Shipping

Alfred Shaheen Blossom Rug

Free Shipping

Pisa Light

The Pisa Light leans just like its namesake tower. With a metal lampshade that stays parallel to the desk and included 60 watt bulb, the Pisa Lamp is ready to go out of the box.

Nelson Sunburst Clock


Piccola Table Lamp

The Piccola Table Lamp, with its leather beanbag-style base, is a quirky small table lamp that has found a home in MoMA. Spun aluminum shade and column. The entire lamp can be tilted to whatever angle you like.
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Elise Floor Lamp

The Elise Lamp has a subtle industrial quality perfect for ambient lighting. The aluminum base rises into the frosted light diffuser and creates a lofty, airy feel. The floor lamp is available in four heights: 32", 48", 60", and 80".
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Bender Table Lamp


Horizon Desk Lamp

The Horizon Desk Lamp is designed for maximum light output with minimum energy use. It incorporates high-intensity LED lights for glare-free, warm light. It also has a built-in dimmer control so that you can control the amount of energy being used, as well as the light output.
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Topan Pendant Light


Acrylic Hanging Lamp

The Gus Modern Acrylic Hanging Lamp hangs pristinely above your dining tale. This is a great option if you're looking for something different in your ceiling lamp. Available in 2 colors. Comes with 8' of cord.
Free Shipping

Spinning BH2 Pendant Light


Bloom Lamp


Cortina Floor Lamp

With three different heights, the Cortina ambient light is a slim rectangular floor lamp with a translucent fabric diffuser and dimmer control. Features 2 60 watt bulbs situated vertically in the cast iron base. This marriage of vertical light and fabric diffuser creates a range of ambient light that matches any mood or occasion.
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Ashanti Table Lamp


Aeris LED Linear Pendant Light


Bliss Glass Wall Shelf


Acrylic Wine Holder

The Acrylic Wine Holder by Gus Modern is the modern solution to a home without the luxury of a wine cellar. Store up to 8 bottles on the transparent minimalist wine rack.
Free Shipping

Flow Wine Rack


Salt Castor


Salad Plant


Harlequin Rug

Free Shipping

Aros Rug

Free Shipping

Shenaz Rug


Mini Grande Floating Shelf


Single 4" x 6" Photo Box Shelf

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