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Herman Miller Eames Hang-It-All

The Herman Miller Eames Hang-It-All is one of the most accessible icons of the mid-century era. The wire rack with wooden ball has the playful and whimsical look to ads a fanciful touch to your space while still having the practicality of a standard coat rack. The welded steel frame is designed with durability. The Eames Hang It All from Herman Mill adds a playful touch to your walls.
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Herman Miller Ardea Personal Light

The Ardea Light was designed by Yves Behar for Herman Miller and combines compact fluorescent technology with an award winning design. The adjustable Ardea Light works great on any desk, end table or side table and the flexible hing allows you to position the light where you need it. The Ardea Light with freestanding base combines form and function, offering energy efficient lighting in a sculptural form.
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Herman Miller Magazine Holder

The Herman Miller Magazine Holder is a perfect way to get papers, magazines, and other clutter off of your desk. It is small enough to fit in any workspace, and will help you to keep all papers in one spot, increasing organization and eliminating paper clutter. The plastic it is made of is durable and will last for many years to come.
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Herman Miller Mobile CPU Holder

The Herman Miller Mobile CPU Holder makes it easy to access your computer tower whenever you need to, without having to crawl on hands and knees under a dark desk. It can move around the room with you, all the while providing great ventilation for your CPU unit.
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HM Connect S-300

The Herman Miller HM Connect-S300 helps you to provide power to those items on your desk whose cords are just not long enough to reach the plug, giving you more versatility in how you arrange your desk. The Connect-S300 comes with two outlets and two different cord lengths.
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Herman Miller Flo Monitor Arm

The Flo Monitor Arm from Herman Miller will make your work space or desk more ergonomic. This award wining monitor arm features 13.3 inches of vertical adjustment and 20.6 inches of horizontal adjustment that give you the freedom to perfectly position your monitor. The innovative Flo Monitor Arm is designed to work well with both computer monitors and touch screen devices like a tablet. A clamp base easily attaches to almost any desk or table surface.
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Herman Miller CPU Holder

The Herman Miller CPU Holder lets you free up your desk or work surface, giving you valuable room at your desk. The CPU Holder attaches to the underside of your desk and can slide and rotate, allowing for easy access to the rear portion of your CPU. Manufactured by Herman Miller the CPU Holder can support up to 75 lbs.
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Eames Plywood Folding Screen

The Eames Plywood Folding Screen from Charles and Ray Eames with Herman Miller adds stylistic privacy to your space. This molded plywood folding screen sis freestanding, with six panels of 5-ply hardwood used in its construction. A striking room divider, the Eames Plywood Folding Screen is ideal for giving a loft more privacy or directing traffic flow in an open space.
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Eames Medium House of Cards

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Eames Dot Pattern Card Case

The Eames Dot Pattern Case is a business card holder with unmatched style. This business card vase uses the Eames Dot Pattern to ensure your business cards are held in style.
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Aeron Chair Lumbar Support

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Lumbar Support for Sayl Chair

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Base for Noguchi Table

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Herman Miller Authorized Retailer

Herman Miller Lamps, Lighting & Accessories

Smart Furniture offers Herman Miller Lighting and Herman Miller Accessories to create a bold, modern look for any home or office. Our website offers creative and customizable pieces to fit your decor. Choose from personal lights, monitor arms, benches or a folding screen to round out your living or work space.

Eco-Friendly Lighting
Herman Miller lighting is an investment in eco-friendly design. Several of the desk and personal lamps are designed with soft LED lighting that costs only $1.13 to run for an entire year! The pieces are made in the United States and most of them are partially built using recycled material, and are recyclable themselves.

Long-Lasting Craftsmanship
When purchasing Herman Miller accessories, you can be assured you're making a solid investment. With general use, these striking pieces are meant to last decades. They'll not only compliment your home, they can be passed on as heirloom pieces and stay in your family for generations to come.

Unique Artistry
Herman Miller accessories are not only eco-friendly and durable; they're created to show off your unique sense of style. From monitor arms to flute lamps, these pieces offer a bold look to your home or office without overwhelming your decor. Like a whimsical piece of artwork, they subtly draw the eye and can start a conversation.

Functional Design
Herman Miller lighting offers a classic touch to any modern home. No matter your surroundings, you're sure to find a piece that enhances the look and feel of your personal or work space. Use a folding screen in a corner to break up the texture of a wall pattern or an unconventional coat rack in your child's room. Decorate your living space with an attractive walnut-colored stool reminiscent of a classic chess piece.

Designed to Pair with Herman Miller Furniture
Herman Miller lighting and accessories are designed to compliment and enhance its furniture. Whether you're looking for a simple monitor arm for your home office or a platform bench for your next soiree, Smart Furniture provides what you need.

Herman Miller Accessories pair perfectly with their furniture. The innovative designs, eco-friendly materials and exclusive modern appeal give your home or office an eye-catching, compliment-worthy style that's sure to suit any taste.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
Back in 1996, Herman Miller became the only furniture company to adopt manufacturing techniques from world-renowned car maker Toyota. This meant crafting furniture in an unconventional, yet streamlined way that easily cut overhead and improved overall performance and customer satisfaction.

When you invest in Herman Miller Lighting and Herman Miller accessories, you can be assured you're making a lasting investment in quality. Each piece is created by world-renowned designers with excellence in craftsmanship in mind. The lighting and accessories not only decorate and compliment your home. They're also designed to be eco-friendly. This means you can enjoy your new pieces without worrying about your carbon footprint.

Invest in Herman Miller products with confidence. Smart Furniture offers free shipping, no sales tax and a low-price guarantee.

Herman Miller is here to help make your home a more comfortable, organized, and illuminated place. A firm well-known for using cutting edge technology to make everyday chores, challenges, and items easier to deal with, Herman Miller's collection of home accessories, stool, and lighting are right here at Smart Furniture.

Cutting Edge Consumer Technology
With the Leaf Light and the Ardea Desk Lamp, designer Yves Behar created two outstanding home office lights that blend functionality and elegance. Both are energy efficient and environmentally friendly, two qualities emphasized by Herman Miller.