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Nobody knows how to make sitting down more enjoyable than Herman Miller. From groundbreaking office seating like the Embody, Aeron and Mirra chairs to renowned collections like the Swag Leg, Soft Pad, and Plywood Chair group, Herman Miller has had a profound impact on the age-old practice of taking a load off. An industry leader in applying cutting-edge technology to everyday items like furniture, the Michigan-based design and manufacturing firm has made a lasting impression in the seating world.

Office chairs by Herman Miller took ergonomic seating to a new step in the 1990s. The award winning Aeron Chair and its counterpart, the Mirra Chair, are available in a staggering number of combinations, and they can be customized at Smart Furniture with a quick phone call. With breakthrough feature like breathable materials, lumbar support, and waterfall edges, these office chairs offer lasting comfort for those who find themselves in need of comfortable seating due to long periods sitting down. Smart Furniture is proud to introduce the new Embody Chair by Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber. This revolutionary new office chair has a never-before-seen BackFit spinal support system and Pixelated Support surface that work together to increase the oxygen supply to the brain and offer the user numerous health-positive benefits. Embody can be customized to your liking using Smart Furniture's unique design tool, letting you build the Embody Chair that's perfect for you.

Herman Miller lounge chairs are among the most comfortable and recognizable lounge chairs in the world. From plush lounge chairs and ottomans to inviting couches like the Goetz Sofa, you won't find a better combination of aesthetics, quality craftsmanship, and environmentally friendly materials.

Sitting around a dining table can be taken to the next level in terms of style and aesthetics with Herman Miller's classic collection of dining chairs. Smart Furniture is proud to carry the entire selection of Herman Miller dinner seating, all available with free shipping at the lowest possible prices.

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