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Based out of Basel, Switzerland, Vitra creates uncompromisingly modern furniture for all rooms of the home. Owned by the same family since 1957, Vitra's designs are timeless, avant garde, and classic. They are the sole manufacturer and supplier of Eames furniture in Europe, and they also design and manufacture an extensive selection of their own original products.

Timeless Designer Classics

Vitra's line consists of a generous selection of designer classics by George Nelson and Charles and Ray Eames. They are the sole manufacturer of the authentic Eames House Bird, a minimalist accessory that should be in every mid-century home. They also carry a diverse line of the whimsical Nelson clocks like the Flock of Butterflies Clock or the Polygon Clock. If you're mildly obsessed with mid-century accessories, Vitra has you covered.

Original Designs

Vitra isn't just the manufacturer of decades-old items; they design and build a collection of interesting and iconic designs that have won numerous awards over their 60 year existence. The Panton Chair is a plastic masterpiece and was Vitra's first original design. The Polder Sofa is what one imagines the Jetsons might sit in, while the Alcove Sofa melds classic sofa design with updated and modern lines. They also make spirited accessories that really make spaces pop. Items like the Algue or the Corniche Wall Shelves are affordable and interesting wall accents that bring vibrancy and life to underappreciated spaces.

Citizen of the World

Vitra utilizes manufacturing facilities across the globe. They produce their lively furniture in Germany, the United States, Hungary, and Japan, just to name a few. They stock items when possible, so you if you purchase certain items today, you could receive your order as early as next week! Give our sales team a call if you have any questions, and get on the road to owning timeless classics by Vitra today!