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Skovby TablesBased in Denmark, Skovby is a unique Scandinavian manufacturer that has created a product line that boasts advancements in form and function, creating Skovby dining tables that are both flexible and stylish. Often times, tables are relegated to bulky, unwieldy objects that require multiple people to move or adjust. Skovby has taken that stereotype and reshaped it by creating Skovby tables that are gorgeous to look at and easy to install and adjust. No longer does adding a leaf require two people and lots of muscle and elbow grease. Gone are the days where a dining room table is the least flexible item in the room. Get used to the idea of having a Skovby table that is easily adjustable and capable of fitting into any space you put it. It's just that easy. Skovby has developed a model of intuitive function and human ease with their Skovby dining tables. Once one experiences the ease of adjusting a Skovby table, it is hard to even imagine going back to a cumbersome table, requiring one to manually remove leaves. The beauty of it is that the geniuses behind this trademark design adapted their one-touch technology to every Skovby table, making adjustments a breeze. For the rectangular fold-out, it's a simple matter of sliding a lever one direction, releasing the spring-loaded leaves from their secure hiding place, letting them fall into place and securing them in position with a simple nudge. To remove the leaves, simply follow the directions in reverse. No muscle required.

Good Design: Good Options
The designers at Skovby understand living in the modern world. Big things happen in small spaces. How do you reconcile owning a fully-formed piece of dining room furniture in a space that may not be wide open with opportunities? If you are looking for a table that can fit your needs no matter the circumstances, the answer lies in the revolutionary design behind all of the Skovby tables. By definition, flexibility is all about modification, so that no matter what your circumstances are, you are able to adapt easily. The Skovby dining table, whether it is round, rectangular, ellipses or oval, is the definition of flexible. When purchasing a new dining table, many people consider whether the table will fit in both their current space and a future living arrangement. It doesn't make sense to invest in a piece of furniture that is restrictive and does not adapt to a new space easily. The options included in the Skovby table package are incredibly capable of fitting into the tightest of corners and the largest of rooms. Take, for example, the DC04. The Skovby Round Expanding Dining Table is the perfect example of what Skovby dining tables are capable of. Initially purposed as a perfectly round dining table for a breakfast nook or foyer, the SM 32 Expanding Skovby Table is a wonderful antidote to the norm. With the slide of an under-face lever and a slight downward push, all that is left is to sit back and enjoy watching modern design work itself out with a grace that sets the conscientious furniture owner's heart at ease - more space is created at the table with less work on the owner's part. The Skovby dining table is brilliantly designed to flow into any context; it's not often that flexible, functional, dining tables are available. Allowing the world to finally not have to compromise in form or function, these tables are designed to satisfy the individual passionate about design and dinner alike.

Expand to Fit Your Needs
The Skovby dining table takes on the persona of a shape shifting Chameleon. Whether you need the freedom to change from rectangular to square, circular to oval or oval to ellipses, Skovby dining tables have you covered. With the square shape, a simple push and pull design allows you to beef up your occupancy level by adding a stored-in-base leaf that falls into place with little to no effort. If you have a room perfect for an oval-shaped dining room table that begs for a more intimate setting every now and then, the round expanding Skovby table allows you to move from one to the other with little effort and complete confidence in a design that works for you. Perhaps the oval is not enough, and you need to entertain 14 guests instead of twelve. With the simple addition of an extra leaf, this Skvoby table increases your dining table capacity with little resistance.

With The World In Mind
The Skovby Table series was created with a conscience. Thankfully, there are still manufacturers in this world who care deeply about the state of the environment and how to preserve it through responsible methods of production. Skovby tables are crafted from freshly harvested hardwoods which, when they are harvested, are thought of as living things, which is why Skovby has succeeded in creating a product line that boasts individuality both through design and materials. Normally, a product is sold on the idea that it deserves a place in the heart of the consumer based on its form and appearance. If not that, it's that the product stands on its own based on the premise of responsible manufacturing techniques and material choices. What happens when the manufacturer takes both of these principles to heart? You get an amazing product line from an equally impressive company. This reflects deeply upon the integrity of the manufacturer's frame of mind when creating products that are tailor made for the conscientious individual's home. With a deep understanding of both the individuality that nature has encoded into each piece of wood and that the designers encoded into each table, Skovby allows the buyer to fully appreciate the beauty of these tables, inside and out. The marriage of two complex and unique productions into an adaptable table guarantees one thing and one thing only: customer satisfaction. Get used to it, because according to Skovby, it's here to stay.