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Design on Demand has been Smart Furniture's calling card for as long as we've been in business. It's our logos, ethos, and pathos, and it all started with Smart Shelves. Our founder, Stephen Culp, invented these modular shelves in his professor's garage while in law school at Stanford, and the design has remained unchanged since he first shipped them out of a storage unit in Palo Alto in the late 1990s. These groundbreaking shelves assemble without tools and can be reconfigured into different shapes and uses. They provided the impetus for Smart Furniture's entire existence, and they remain the embodiment of what we stand for today. We love using our imagination to make the spaces in which we live come to life, and none of our products reflect that passion more than Smart Shelves.

How They Work

Smart Shelves' innovative design starts with their simplicity. Any piece of construction is just a sum of its parts, and Smart Shelves consist of a few components that can be arranged in different ways. Every shelf consists of about ten base units (boards) which slide together to create sections of shelving. Those sections then fit together using a dowel system. The result is a totally configurable system of modules that assemble and come apart without any tools (although we do recommend using a rubber mallet to ensure everything lines up well). Check out this awesome video of Smart Shelves in action!

Adapting to Your Space

Since Smart Shelves are so configurable, you can purpose them for almost any space in your house. Do you have an awkward closet underneath a stairwell that has been underutilized because of its odd shape? Fill it up with a Trilogy Shelf! You can use a short and wide shelving unit as a media console or console table replacement. If you're unhappy with your home office, you can fill up the entire thing with the Contour Office Shelving System! Since Smart Shelves are so easy to customize and assemble, you can change up the arrangement to keep your spaces looking fresh and new. If you're nomadic, Smart Shelves are great since they assemble and disassemble so easily and quickly. Plus, it's much easier to move around deconstructed components than an intact, clunky bookshelf. For that exact reason, Smart Shelves have been popular for businesses that frequently attend trade shows and conferences.

Awesome Shelves Only Available at

Whether you want a new, interesting looking shelf for your books, or you have a hankering to deck out your entire basement with modular shelving, Smart Shelves are the perfect solution for you. Even world-renowned Harvard professors love us! You can contact us for design assistance if you have a particular space you need to fill, and we can send you 3-d renderings of your room with a sweet new Smart Shelf inside! Smart Shelves will help you get organized, they look awesome, and you can easily move them from place to place. Smart.

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