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3x3 Storage Cube
$229.00 $194.65
Free Shipping
5' Wide Pyramid Bookshelf
$192.00 $163.20
Free Shipping
3' Wide Simple Bookshelf
$156.00 $132.60
Free Shipping
2' Wide Arc End Table
$160.00 $136.00
Free Shipping
4' Wide Trilogy Staircase Shelf
$240.00 $204.00
Free Shipping
2' Wide Arc Display Shelf
$197.00 $167.45
Free Shipping
2' Wide Classic Storage Shelf
$220.00 $187.00
Free Shipping
3' Wide Open Media Console
$122.00 $103.70
Free Shipping
3' Wide Short Bookshelf
$148.00 $125.80
Free Shipping
3' Wide Trilogy Nook Shelf
$128.00 $108.80
Free Shipping
2.5' Tall Round Occasional Table
$231.00 $196.35
Free Shipping
3' Wide Classic Storage Shelf
$122.00 $103.70
Free Shipping
3' Wide Office Organizer
$182.00 $154.70
Free Shipping
2' High Contour Display
$212.00 $180.20
Free Shipping
3' Wide Standard Display Shelf
$197.14 $167.57
Free Shipping
30" Round Coffee Table
$208.00 $176.80
Free Shipping
3' Wide Bookshelf 0403f022
$244.00 $207.40
Free Shipping
Creating the Perfect Shelving System with Smart Shelves

Imagine a modular shelving system that you can configure, and reconfigure, to create custom shelves, displays, and organizing solutions. Now imagine that you can design your own custom shelves with our complimentary design assistance, receive them in as little as 1 or 2 business days, set them up without tools, and reconfigure them (see video) when your needs - or whims - change. For a simple, stylish, and smart solution, give Smart Furniture a try. Our Smart Shelves can be customized and reconfigured again and again to make the perfect custom shelf to fit your needs. Make your furniture and shelves conform to your space with Smart Furniture. Whether you're looking for a storage shelf, a display shelf, or a bookshelf, Smart Shelves offer an unmatched combination of versatility and convenience.

Our modular shelving systems allow your to create your own custom shelving units and design your own furniture, whether it's home office shelves, wood shelves, or DVD storage racks. Have a small space you'd like to utilize? Design your own apartment furniture using our unique Design on Demand shelving system, which allows you to make the perfect furniture piece for your own space. Smart Furniture shelf components allow you to custom design your own modular shelves for limitless options in your home including closet systems and custom shelves. Our free design service makes it easy to create office shelves, storage cubbies, and entertainment centers in minutes.

Our signature shelves assemble without tools, making construction a breeze. Our customers are frequently amazed at how easy it really is. Using a patented slot-and-dowel method of assembly, our shelves come together easily and securely with no screwdrivers or wrenches. Smart Furniture signature shelves are also perfect for those who move frequently. Do you find yourself dreading changing apartments because moving your furniture is overly difficult? Smart Furniture can make your situation easier. Our shelves can be taken apart in minutes, boxed up again, and moved in sections, meaning you won't have to beg your friends to help you move that 5' wide bookcase down the stairs (and damage it in the process). When you put your Smart Furniture together again in your new apartment, you may find yourself wondering what other shapes you can make out of it. That's because Smart Furniture continues to conform to your space, no matter where you go.

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