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At Smart Furniture we pride ourselves on bringing our customers products that they can customize and make their own. We founded the company after inventing Smart Shelves, a great new way to build and design shelving with no tools and a minimum of fuss and effort. Smart Shelves are endlessly adaptable, and one of the many ways we made them flexible and personal is by adding Arc Shelves to the mix. Arc Shelves are shelves with a curved, arced edge, giving the entire shelf a more rounded and softer look. Our Arc Smart Shelves are available in a number of different models, all of which can be organized and adapted by the user.

One such model is the 2 foot wide Arc End Table. Consisting of four horizontal boards and two vertical ones, this model breaks the traditional end table into ten separate storage areas, with the largest being the top shelf, which serves as a table top. The Arc Shelves make the look of this unit much more amenable to a living room setting - no hard edges or squared off ends. Another popular model is the 3 foot wide Classic Arc Display, which is three vertical boards and 5 horizontal ones, creating 16 separate display/organization areas. The size of these areas varies, so you can store flowers, art, books, pictures, clothes, collectibles, or anything else all in one structure. There are two types of 7 foot wide Arc Display Shelves that mix standard Smart Shelves with the Arc Shelves in a symmetrical and visually interesting way. Of course, all of these designs can be mixed and match to fit your ideas, your spaces, and your sensibilities to a tee.