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Smart Shelves were created as a way to put design power in the hands of the buyer, the user. For too long designers had been creating furniture and storage solutions and expecting customers to accept their specific limitations in terms of taste, structure, shape, material and color. But Smart Shelves are the antidote to that kind of thinking. With Smart Furniture products like this, you have a hand in the design. You control what your furniture is going to look like, where it can fit, and what it can do. We wouldn't have it any other way - and that's why we developed Curved Shelves for our Smart Shelves line.

Curved Shelves are exactly what they sound like - wooden shelves that curve to accommodate corners and obstacles, or just to be different or look great. The curves are as sharp as 90 degrees, and they produce some of our most attractive and visually exciting shelving creations. Take for instance the 6 foot tall Dining Room Contour Shelf, which combines standard Smart Shelving and Curved Shelves to produce a winning combination that can easily fit into some of your more idiosyncratic spaces within the home. A tall shelf attached at the hip to a lower, curved shelf fits perfectly against a corner, and provides a multitude of surfaces for display and organization.

Other models feature shallower curves and are free standing - their curves are more for looks and whimsy than for practical use. Included among these is the 5 foot wide Contour Shelf C0306f001, which resembles a wave turned on it's side. This shelf is great for dividing rooms, displaying quirkier or less serious items, and for livening up a design scheme with a sense of fun and play.

At Smart Furniture, we believe you should get the exact furniture you need, at a price that works for you. Our line of Curved Shelves is just one way that we express that belief. Get yours today!