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Smart Furniture believes in personal design. That means putting power and choice into the hands of the consumer. Smart Shelves, because they're endlessly adaptable and can be configured exactly how the customer envisions they should be, are one of the many ways we express this. And Round Shelves, just one more options among the dozens that exist within the Smart Shevles universe, are one of our most interesting contributions to adaptable shelving.

Our round shelving, which features a top shelf that acts like a table top, are 360 degree creations that can serve as coffee tables, end tables, talk silo shelving units, and, of course, decorative shelving. One of our most popular models, the 2.5 foot tall Round Occasional Table, features four vertical boards and three circular, "round" shelves that create 13 individual display and organizational spaces. This shelf/table has uses in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, offices - anywhere a low table with storage capability could be used. There is a taller version, the 3 foot wide Round Occasional Table, that serves taller folks and isn't as adapted to being an end table.

The Round Shelves are available in a number of diameters, including 30 inches, 36 inches, and 24 inches. You can get the right shelving/table unit for you, with a choice of height, width, and appearance.

If you're looking for a modern solution to an age old problem, (that of needing your table to be able to take on storage, or your storage unit to also serve as a table) look no further than Smart Furniture and our Round Shelf Smart Shelves.