Live Chat Hall of Fame - Who is the Vice President?

Who's the Vice President?

Natalie: Welcome to Smart Furniture! How may I help you?
you: I am looking for a dining room table
Natalie: OK - great
Natalie: let me show you a few we have
you: do you have any table chair sets?
Natalie: Dining Tables
Natalie: We sure do
Natalie: what size were you needing?
you: need to seat 5
you: up to 7
you: does this one come with the chairs?
Natalie: Abby Table
Natalie: It's a Memorial Day Special!
you: does it come with the chairs
you: are you a robot?
Natalie: No - I'm here
Natalie: I was looking
you: are you in india?
Natalie: We sell chairs that "compliment" most tables
Natalie: No - I'm in Tennessee
Natalie: :)
you: your real name is something like Naima
you: or shreya
Natalie: NO- Sorry. My name is Natalie
you: or you are from eastern europe
you: quick
you: who is the vice president of the unitedstates
you: ...
Natalie: Nope - I'm in the US
you: ...
you: ...
you: no googling
you: okay
you: naima
you: where are the chairs that compliment the ones in the picture
Natalie: The table you were asking about is avaiable and we do sell the chairs
you: great
you: the series 7 chairs?
Natalie: Chairs
you: Naveena, do these match the table you showed me?
Natalie: Joe Biden is the VP - I watched the ceremony! Sorry - I was looking for the chair and table info
you: wow, you are a good googler Neelam
Natalie: Yes - they are the same
you: the table you showed looked dark wood
you: and the chairs looked oakish
you: i am going to go put some stuff on the grill
Natalie: Table and Chairs
you: Naveena, I may be back on later
Natalie: Sure
Natalie: I'll be here for a few more hours