Live Chat Hall of Fame - Nat's Boyfriend

Nat's Boyfriend

Natalie: Welcome to Smart Furniture! How may I help you?
Robert: I am looking for a Sayl chair
Robert: what is the weight limit
Natalie: You have come to the right place
Natalie: It is rated for I believe 300lb.
Robert: that sucks im 318lbs
Robert: i thought it was 350lbs
Natalie: I must say the chair is small in stature. The back is low and the chair has a smaller over all feel
Robert: smaller than embody?
Natalie: Yes - it is much smaller
Robert: okay... what chair would you reccomend for me, im 6'5" 318 brown hair... ops i thought i was writing a personal ad for a minute!!
Natalie: ha ha - :)
Natalie: That's runny Robert
Natalie: Let me see. The Aeron chair would be one to look over
Natalie: Aeron chair - HERE
Natalie: Steelcase Leap chair - HERE
Robert: I don't like people named aaron... what else, and no I don't run but I am your name really Natalie or is this really a big old guy?
Natalie: My favorite is the Leap. The seat is flatter and may be a better fit for you
Natalie: See ME - HERE
Natalie: You can scroll to the bottom of the page and see my face :)
Natalie: I'm really Natalie and I'm in Chattanooga TN
Natalie: I'm in the middle
Natalie: The Leap may be a better chair for you
Robert: Ohh your hot, that Karen chick is fine too!!
Robert: Can i come to Chattanooga and see you guys? I got money to burn and I know we can get along!!
Natalie: Now Robert......
Natalie: Let's get you a new office chair :)
Robert: I could come test a chair!!
Natalie: We do have several in our studio - if you are even in the area
Robert: What chair do you sit in??
Robert: Leap?
Natalie: I sit in an Aeron, but I REALLY want a Leap
Natalie: My co-worker has a Leap and I steal it when I can
Robert: Tell your cheap boss to get you one for ergonomic reasons!! It's the law!!
Robert: What is there to do in Chattanooga?
Natalie: My Aeron is great :)
Robert: I don't like boys named aeron, they are mean, bad childhood bullying momories
Natalie: Chattanooga is great - lots of great places to see. eat, and visit. What did you think about the Leap?
Robert: I could take a "Leap" of faith!!
Robert: whats the dollars of it all??
Natalie: ha ha - It will depend on the features you select. Did you walk through the designer?
Robert: Yes, but don't I get a discount for being your livechat boyfriend??!!??
Natalie: Well - actually you do!! The leap is $100 off at the moment :)
Robert: Is that for everyone or just me?
Robert: don't play me Natalie!!
Natalie: It is for everyone, but it is great for you!!
Robert: Natalie don't be mean to me and tell me its for me when it is for everyone, that is not nice to do to your livechat boyfriend
Natalie: I'm sorry Robert
Natalie: It is an amazing chair, on special, and I bet you will like it
Robert: Okay, I want 10
Robert: Unfortunatly I have to break up with you now, my mom just walked in and I'm not allowed to be on the computer without adult supervision...
Natalie: Awesome. No chair?
Robert: This is Robert's mom, who is this he is chatting with?? Do you realize you are chatting with my 13 year old son and that is illegal