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The picturesque image of American artisans peddling their goods in a low scale manner seems to be an antiquated notion. Sometimes, it appears that big business has subsumed all small-scale production and creativity and the result is mass-produced homogeneity. Tronk Designs proves that American artisans are alive and well, and they display original thought and design proficiency through their collection of hand-crafted furniture products

Tronk is based out of Cincinatti, Ohio where they carry out all of their operations from product conception to production. Their design philosophy revolves around shape simplicity with a modern edge, construction out of premium materials. Each piece of wood is cut, sanded, and finished by hand; each base for their tables and chairs are hand welded and shaped; every single item that they create is the result of human touch. At a price point comparable to (or below) that of many modern furniture manufacturers, Tronk’s line of quality furniture is highly accessible and directly supports their artistic vision. Whether you choose the minimalist Roberts Stool or the ultra-modern Turner Queen Bed, every item receives personalized attention.

Almost everyone loves an underdog story, and Tronk is the perfect illustration of the Daniel and Goliath metaphor. In a world of huge furniture manufacturing behemoths, Tronk is a small-scale operation that believes in authenticity and originality. They’re not pulling any punches with their ambitious product designs, and if you love supporting artists and designers directly, there’s no better brand to root for than Tronk.