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Dane Sofa
TrueModern LogoThe TrueModern catalogue is a wonderful and diverse collection of tasteful, unique modern furniture. Their beautiful sofas, loveseats, chairs, dressers, beds, rugs and sectionals are all designed to fit snugly and perfectly into modern families living rooms, and homes. Founder Edgar Blazona started the company with the goal of producing lovely furniture that broke out of the boring mold of most contemporary designs - furniture that was exciting at the same time it was comforting and familiar. This growing brand is the proof of his success.

TrueModern makes use of calm, familiar colors and a strong, singular sense of design to produce furniture that is at once cutting edge and right at home. TrueModern designs are often low-slung and near to the floor, reminiscent of the work of Charles and Ray Eames and other accomplished mid-century designers. They come to you pre-assembled, with an emphasis on customer service and that little seen adjective in the world of modern furniture - delight.

TrueModern was founded in 2005 by Edgar Blazona, to meet a need he saw. A parent, he was bored with the kids' furniture designs he found in today's market - so he made some himself. TrueModern is distinguished by clean design that hearkens back to mid-century influences like Charles and Ray Eames and Richard Neutra, employing familiar colors with an additional modern feel. Placing importance on the consumer's needs led TrueModern to ship furniture fast and pre-assembled - a simple calling card of quality and service in a crowded market.