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When it comes to modern minimalist sofas, TrueModern leads the pack. Specializing in American made quality mixed with distinct lines and premium materials. Each TrueModern sofa is made-to-order by American workers in California, and each sofa is an original design that oozes class and taste.


TrueModern was founded by lead designer and CEO Edgar Blazona in 2005. Based out of San Francisco, Blazona boasts over two decades of furniture and architectural design with a modern concentration. Before branching off and starting his own business, Blazona crafted original furniture designs for big box stores like Target, Pottery Barn, and Staples. He started his own venture, Modular Dwellings, which earned him a revered reputation as a creative force in the downsized, minimalist architectural movement. TrueModern's design ethos is an extension of that overall philosophy—less is more and sleek is beautiful.

Quality Upholstered Products

TrueModern's most popular and famous designs easily fall to the Luna Sofa and the Dane Sofa. These two beauties encapsulate TrueModern's design goals succinctly. They boast smooth lines, finely tailored cushions and arms, and classic mid-century tapered legs with three wood finish options. The Marfa Sofa might be one of their most radical designs. The sofa is attached to an oversized bench/side table/ottoman on the side. They also manufacture huge and oversized sectionals that can fill up even the largest spaces. The Jackson U-Shaped Sectional is reminiscent of the huge lounge areas of 1970s discos, and the Hamlin Sectional Sofa seems to stretch on for miles. If you need a place to toss up your feet, each collection comes with a matching ottoman that will bring your entire seating area together.

Custom Made to Order

Each TrueModern sofa is custom made at the time of purchase. Made out of domestically sourced materials and built in Los Angeles, California, each TrueModern sofa is all American from start to finish. Edgar Blazona borrowed from the classic design style of Charles and Ray Eames to craft his own brand of modern minimalist sofas, chairs, and ottomans. Bring your home into the 21st century with a new modern sofa from TrueModern.