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Turnstone Office Furniture


Turnstone excels in making office furniture cool, inspiring, and ergonomic. They figure out how people's work habits change and adapt their products to fit those evolving demands. Turnstone's unabashed use of color and different finish options makes it vibrant, attractive, modern, and work-centered. Turnstone rejects the idea that functional workspaces are boring.

Bivi and Campfire

Perhaps the most noticeable feature of Turnstone office furniture is its openness. Rather than create an isolated cluster of furniture to be used individualistically, Turnstone seeks to create spacious and collaborative environments. The Bivi Collection is a good example; it is a modular desk system which allows groups of workers to rearrange their workstations to accommodate ever changing numbers and demands. With a number of accessory and storage add-ons, Bivi is one of the most adaptable and contemporary desk systems available. The Campfire Collection is a collaborative system of furniture that's perfect for impromptu meetings and quick getaways from your desk. Campfire furniture is great for brainstorming.

Made to Work

Turnstone furniture is all about creating a rich, inspiring, and ultimately comfortable office environment. Turnstone's furniture is infused with their designers' intimate knowledge of how offices should work and feel, and how users utilize and move within the space around them. Over the last few decades, the nature of office work has radically changed. Computers, meeting rooms, desktops and common spaces have all been revolutionized, and Turnstone's mission is to continue creating beautiful furniture that makes modern work spaces more productive and accommodating.

Proliferation from Cubicles

Since the inception of cubicles, traditional office furniture was generally about building walls and isolating workers. Turnstone focuses on opening up the modern office so that people can communicate, share ideas, share space, and build a more productive and engaged office culture. Furniture should be productive not restrictive; it should foster a more productive, collaborative, and team-oriented work force.

Built to Grow

Turnstone's furniture is built to cultivate flexibility, openness, and commonality. Bivi's modular desking elements make it easy for workers to rearrange and recombine their work environments as their work demands. Every Turnstone system and piece of furniture abides by a common set of principles - openness, modularity, modernity, and beauty.