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Turnstone Office Accessories

Modern offices have a level of complexity and interconnectedness that far surpasses older work environments. Technology has made desking, tables, storage, common areas and seating more versatile and more dependent on one another. The glue that holds all these disparate parts together can be found in the Turnstone Accessories catalogue.

Turnstone Accessories are designed to keep you organized, productive, and focused at work. They're designed with a modern style that feels fresh and new, but they never lose sight of their first priority, which is to make your working life easier and better. Turnstone accessories for your desk, office, or storage room can hide and organize your electronics cables, compartmentalize desks and workstations, enhance the look of your worksurface, give you more storage, shed some light on your work (via lamps) and even give you a place to hang up your bike after your morning commute.

Most Turnstone accessories are built for specific existing systems. The SOTO Collection, the Bivi Collection and the Campfire Collection all have unique accessories that complement and enhance their major elements.

Bivi Accessories
Bivi accessories include the Hoodie, which effectively converts furniture and cubicles into mini-rooms for quick meetings. The Bivi Trunk and Floating Side Storage accessories give you plenty of extra room for storage and organization - they attach seamlessly to the workspace.

SOTO Accessories
SOTO accessories are perfect for modern technological desks and workspaces, where it's important to keep your devices, cords and wires organized and out of the way. SOTO also has plenty of extra storage opportunities, boxes, and desktop equipment.

Campfire Accessories
Campfire accessories serve the mission of the entire set, which is to create an informal, creative, group-oriented atmosphere even in the midst of a busy office, or a busy working day. They include the Big Lamp, a wonderful and whimsical (and, of course, big) lamp that hangs over the "campfire."