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Groupwork 66" Mobile Screen

The Groupwork 66" high Mobile Screen serves as a mobile office partition, enabling quick and easy privacy within a larger space. Optional whiteboard side can be chosen in place of standard tackboard. Locking casters and steel frame make this a convenient and long-lasting office divider.

Pisa Light

The Pisa Light leans just like its namesake tower. With a metal lampshade that stays parallel to the desk and included 60 watt bulb, the Pisa Lamp is ready to go out of the box.

Campfire Screen

Available either right-facing or left-facing, the Campfire Screen is made from a steel frame with polyester mesh fabric. Mostly opaque, the Campfire Screen is still airy enough to make private spaces that don't close off your office.
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SOTO Letter Box

The SOTO Letter Box stacks to create an inbox and outbox as high as you like, or just put one down to give yourself a place to put the loose papers you think you'll need sometime soon. Durable high-gloss ABS plastic makes the Letter Box durable.


The SOTO Rail is where it all begins for the SOTO system by Turnstone. The Rail mounts to nearly any desktop on the back edge, and is itself the mounting platform for most of the SOTO accessories like the Shelves and LED Task Light. Made from rigid aluminum, the SOTO Rail mounts using included brackets with rubber no-slip feet.

SOTO Cableway

The SOTO Cableway attaches to nearly any desk surface that has the SOTO Rail attached. The Cableway keeps cords off the floor and out of your way behind your desk. Part of the SOTO system from Turnstone. Steel construction.

SOTO LED Task Light

The SOTO LED Task Light mounts to the SOTO Rail, or can have a freestanding base for those desks without a Rail attached. Slim and modern, this LED task lamp stays out of the way, saves energy, and gives you light just where you need it. Steel base, aluminum arm.

SOTO Shelves

The SOTO Shelves mount to the SOTO Rail and provide off-the-desktop storage space for anything you like; they're made from steel and support up to 36 lbs. each. Specifically designed to hold all the different SOTO boxes to contain your work tools neatly.

Bivi Bike Hook

The wall-mountable Bivi Bike Hook is also designed to work as part of the Bivi office system from Turnstone. Every office needs bike storage, and the Bivi Bike Hook gives you a vertical bike storage solution. Made from steel.
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SOTO File Box

Just what it says it is, the SOTO File Box is a box to hold files, papers, or magazines on your shelf or desktop. Much sturdier than flimsy cardboard file holders, this file box is made from high gloss ABS plastic.

SOTO Pile Box

Just what it says it is, the SOTO Pile Box is a box meant to be stacked on top of other Pile Boxes. All that little stuff you need for your work needs a place, and with the Pile Box it's found a home. High-gloss, durable ABS plastic.

SOTO Storage Box Set

The SOTO Storage Box Set is sized to hold all your small work supplies like paper clips, pencils, and binder clips. Keep a neat and clean workspace with this set of 3 storage boxes. 2 short rectangular boxes and 1 long rectangular box included. Made from translucent acrylic.

SOTO Tool Box

The SOTO Tool Box is a home for pens, pencils, and sticky pads - in short, all your everyday work tools. Made from high-gloss ABS plastic, and a part of the SOTO workspace tool collection.

Campfire Big Lamp

The Campfire Big Lamp is a large, large lamp - and its oversized nature makes it a very space-defining object. Made from steel with a mesh fabric lampshade, the Big Lamp features one bulb for area ambient lighting.
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SOTO Personal Box

The SOTO Personal Box is that location for all the things you need frequently but don't really have a place for on your worksurface. High quality glossy ABS plastic provides sharp-looking durability.

Bivi Hoodie

The Bivi Hoodie attaches to the Bivi Rumble Seat to create a private space that is enclosed on three sides. Made from a steel frame with foam walls and mesh upholstery, the Bivi Hoodie can be easily removed when not needed.
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Mobile Easel

The Groupwork Mobile Easel by Turnstone is easy to move on its casters, and features a markerboard on one side with tackboard on the other. A storage shelf on the interior holds pencils or markers. Steel frame.
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Bivi Trunk

The Bivi Trunk mounts to the end of any Bivi Table for Two or larger configuration, and provides storage at the end of your desk. Also providing additional workspace area, the Bivi Trunk mounts flush with the worksurface and is made from MDF with powder-coated steel hardware and shelves.
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Bivi Floating Side Storage

The two-sided Bivi Floating Side Storage mounts on any Bivi Table with the Bivi Short Arch (sold separately). It can be used as a divider, markerboard, and small item storage. MDF with steel insert construction.
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SOTO Utility Box

The SOTO Utility Box is small, crisp-looking, and sized to hold the little desktop supplies that get in your way. Made from durable, high-gloss ABS plastic.
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Turnstone Office Accessories

Modern offices have a level of complexity and interconnectedness that far surpasses older work environments. Technology has made desking, tables, storage, common areas and seating more versatile and more dependent on one another. The glue that holds all these disparate parts together can be found in the Turnstone Accessories catalogue.

Turnstone Accessories are designed to keep you organized, productive, and focused at work. They're designed with a modern style that feels fresh and new, but they never lose sight of their first priority, which is to make your working life easier and better. Turnstone accessories for your desk, office, or storage room can hide and organize your electronics cables, compartmentalize desks and workstations, enhance the look of your worksurface, give you more storage, shed some light on your work (via lamps) and even give you a place to hang up your bike after your morning commute.

Most Turnstone accessories are built for specific existing systems. The SOTO Collection, the Bivi Collection and the Campfire Collection all have unique accessories that complement and enhance their major elements.

Bivi Accessories
Bivi accessories include the Hoodie, which effectively converts furniture and cubicles into mini-rooms for quick meetings. The Bivi Trunk and Floating Side Storage accessories give you plenty of extra room for storage and organization - they attach seamlessly to the workspace.

SOTO Accessories
SOTO accessories are perfect for modern technological desks and workspaces, where it's important to keep your devices, cords and wires organized and out of the way. SOTO also has plenty of extra storage opportunities, boxes, and desktop equipment.

Campfire Accessories
Campfire accessories serve the mission of the entire set, which is to create an informal, creative, group-oriented atmosphere even in the midst of a busy office, or a busy working day. They include the Big Lamp, a wonderful and whimsical (and, of course, big) lamp that hangs over the "campfire."