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Turnstone Office Tables

The Turnstone Bivi Collection is one of the most adaptable, flexible, all-purpose office systems on the market. Every piece of the system has been carefully and deliberately crafted to work in conjunction with every other piece, and the range of combinations and groupings are as multiple as your office needs.

The basis of the Bivi system is the desk. A Bivi desk is ultra modern and stylish, with plenty of contemporary functionality built in. With Bivi Collection workspace you'll have plenty of room to work, organize your equipment and store your various wires, cords and electronic devices. The surface of the desk is made to look like real wood, and the structure of the desk is a more modern metal. There are lots of accessories (like floating in and out trays) that make the desk as productive and personal as you want it to be.

But the desk is just the first building block. Using complementary pieces you can use the Bivi System to create conference tables, group work stations, non-traditional cubicles, and innovative, personal systems that serve your entire workforce and workplace. Throw in the wide range of creative, highly functional accessories and you've got a modern office design that really sings.

Turnstone has made their name producing furniture that meets the changing needs of contemporary office without sacrificing the classic comforts and functions of standard office furniture. To everything they do they bring a dash of fresh thinking and new-school design; the Bivi Collection is no different.