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Turnstone Office Tables

The Turnstone Campfire collection is the next wave in the evolution of amazing office design. The modern office presents challenges and opportunities that haven't existed before. The increasingly connected and communal world of the office is need of furniture that both meets its needs and exceeds expectations. This is where Turnstone and the Campfire Collection comes in. Campfire creates circle-oriented group seating as well as privacy oriented individual space for private conferences, brainstorms, reflections, and break time.

Campfire is all about beautiful furniture that doesn't look like anything you've ever seen before. It's all about productive, efficient office furniture that doesn't work they way any other office furniture set-up has worked before. The challenge was to foster and harness the creative group and individual energy that is fostered around an informal campfire, and bring it into the hectic world of the office. To that end all Campfire furniture is about creating spaces for groups and individuals to think. But it goes beyond the simple ideas of cubicle design - the Crushed Can stools, the big lamp, the creative partitions - they all work together to provide an oasis in the middle of the busy office.

Products like the Campfire lounger, table, big lamp and more are fresh and unique, with a very modern edge. The design is beautiful but useful, productive and efficient while also providing physical and psychic space to think and collaborate. The modern office needs modern furniture solutions for workers - and Campfire provides that with aplomb.

Like all Turnstone furniture, the Campfire Collection is also designed to accommodate and organize the trappings of our increasingly wired and connected office spaces - electronics, cables and laptops/tablets/phone devices are easily stored and utilized.