Turnstone Campfire Collection

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Campfire Big Lounge

The Campfire Big Lounge is just what its name implies - a big lounge. This armless workplace sofa seats three comfortably and can be placed anywhere you want employees to be creative and think for a while. Perfect for impromptu meetings. Wood frame, polyester upholstery, foam padding.
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Campfire Big Lamp

The Campfire Big Lamp is a large, large lamp - and its oversized nature makes it a very space-defining object. Made from steel with a mesh fabric lampshade, the Big Lamp features one bulb for area ambient lighting.
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Campfire Big Table with Trough

The Campfire Big Table with Trough is a meeting place, extra desk area, or lunchtime landing spot. Available either desk height or counter height, the Campfire Big Table with Trough comes in a variety of durable laminate colors. MDF construction with leveling feet. Center trough provides power supply and cord control.
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Campfire Paper Table

The Campfire Paper Table is an office coffee table with a purpose. Not just for your drinks, its top is made from a pad of tear-off paper sheets so you'll be able to remember that brainstorming session. Optional glass top available. Plastic frame with laminate base and plastic glides.
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Campfire Big Table

The Campfire Big Table is a meeting place, extra desk area, or lunchtime landing spot. Available either desk height or counter height, the Campfire Big Table comes in a variety of durable laminate colors. MDF construction with leveling feet.
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Campfire Mobile Storage Cabinet

The Campfire Mobile Storage Cabinet fits under the Campfire Big Table or works well alone. It features two adjustable shelves and an optional wardrobe slot for easy storage of office supplies and your suit coat. MDF frame with laminate, this cabinet is 38" high.
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Campfire Personal Table

The Campfire Personal Table is a bent plywood table that pulls up to any seated location and provides a surface for your laptop or writing pad when you're not at your desk. Real wood veneer over MDF, the Personal Table has a 30 lb. weight capacity.
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Campfire Screen

Available either right-facing or left-facing, the Campfire Screen is made from a steel frame with polyester mesh fabric. Mostly opaque, the Campfire Screen is still airy enough to make private spaces that don't close off your office.
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Campfire Half Lounge

The Campfire Half Lounge is just about half of a Big Lounge - making it just the right size for one person to sit and relax for a while, or get some work done away from the desk. Wood frame, polyester upholstery, foam padding, and plastic feet.
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Campfire Shanty

The Campfire Shanty consists of 1 Big Lounge for a comfortable seating space, 1 Paper Table for a writing pad/coffee table, and 2 Screens (1 left, 1 right-facing) to create a semi-private area within a larger space. Meet and brainstorm in a creative space with the Campfire Shanty.
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Campfire Ottoman

The Campfire Ottoman is a round, versatile ottoman for home or office - but it's especially at home in the office. Super light for easy portability, the Ottoman is upholstered in polyester with foam padding on a strong wood frame. Plastic feet protect your floor.
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Campfire Oasis

The Campfire Oasis consists of 4 Screens (2 left, 2 right-facing) for privacy and space definition, 1 Big Lamp for subtle area lighting, and 1 Big Table for a place to meet or work. The Big Table is available counter height or desk height, and with or without a power supply tech tray. Seating sold separately.
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Campfire Base Camp

The Campfire Base Camp workplace setting consists of 1 Big Lounge and 3 Ottomans for seating, 2 Screens for privacy, 1 Big Lamp for overhead lighting, and 1 Paper Table with 1 Personal Table for portable workspaces. The Paper Table can be written on to make meetings more creative.
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Campfire Wedge

The Campfire Wedge is an add-on piece for the Campfire Big Lounge or Half Lounge, with two possible configurations. It can be added parallel to the Lounge to help guide traffic around the seated area, or placed against the side to make a corner seat. Useful if you have the Big Lounge or Half Lounge.
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Turnstone Office Tables

The Turnstone Campfire collection is the next wave in the evolution of amazing office design. The modern office presents challenges and opportunities that haven't existed before. The increasingly connected and communal world of the office is need of furniture that both meets its needs and exceeds expectations. This is where Turnstone and the Campfire Collection comes in. Campfire creates circle-oriented group seating as well as privacy oriented individual space for private conferences, brainstorms, reflections, and break time.

Campfire is all about beautiful furniture that doesn't look like anything you've ever seen before. It's all about productive, efficient office furniture that doesn't work they way any other office furniture set-up has worked before. The challenge was to foster and harness the creative group and individual energy that is fostered around an informal campfire, and bring it into the hectic world of the office. To that end all Campfire furniture is about creating spaces for groups and individuals to think. But it goes beyond the simple ideas of cubicle design - the Crushed Can stools, the big lamp, the creative partitions - they all work together to provide an oasis in the middle of the busy office.

Products like the Campfire lounger, table, big lamp and more are fresh and unique, with a very modern edge. The design is beautiful but useful, productive and efficient while also providing physical and psychic space to think and collaborate. The modern office needs modern furniture solutions for workers - and Campfire provides that with aplomb.

Like all Turnstone furniture, the Campfire Collection is also designed to accommodate and organize the trappings of our increasingly wired and connected office spaces - electronics, cables and laptops/tablets/phone devices are easily stored and utilized.