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Turnstone Office Chairs

Turnstone chairs are distinctive, completely unique. The goal of our designers has always been (and remains) to create furniture that breaks new ground in the world of the office. Design, comfort, adjustability, modularity, style - all of these elements are synthesized in their best work. Chairs are of course no exception, and it's an area where Turnstone really shines.

In keeping with the variety of seating needs any given office will have, Turnstone has created beautiful, comfortable, adaptable chairs for every environment. Task chairs, classic work chairs and stools, and more informal lounge-type chairs (like what you'll find in the Campfire Collection) all have their place in an office, and therefore they all have a place at Turnstone.

The Cobi Chair is one of the finest examples of a great Turnstone task chair. Small, sleek, but effective, it doesn't take up a lot of space but it uses advanced technology and ergonomic excellence to keep your body completely comfortable and supported all day long. And with whimsical, Mac-like style that plays up its roots in modern and contemporary design, it looks great as well. The Reply Chair is another wonderful product, with a high-tech mesh back and a more traditional cushioned seat that combine to give you the best of both old-fashioned comfort and modern ergonomic design.

The Campfire Collection Lounge and Half Lounge loveseats are simple, comfortable, and beautifully designed. The Crushed Can stools are a fun way of creating an informal meeting space where ideas can be developed and discussed (or where you can simply take a load off and decompress in the middle of a long day). The Jenny Lounge Chair is another sterling product in this vein, providing traditional comfort with a modern aesthetic.