Turnstone excels in making office furniture cool, inspiring, and comfortable. They figure out how people's work habits change and adapt different demands over time, and then design products to fit those needs. You can see a big difference between the overall look of a traditional office and one that has a strong hint of Turnstone furniture. The latter will likely be more comfortable and  colorful. Perhaps the most noticeable feature of Turnstone office furniture is the openness that it fosters. Rather than create an isolated cluster of furniture to be used by an individual, Turnstone seeks to create a spacious collaborative environment. The Bivi Collection is a good example. Bivi is a modular system of desking which allows groups of workers to rearrange their desks and workstations to accommodate ever changing numbers in their midst. With a number of accessory and storage add-ons, Bivi is one of the most accommodating and contemporary desk systems available. The Campfire Collection is a collaborative system of meeting furniture perfect for impromptu meetings and quick getaways from your desk. Campfire furniture is great for brainstorming.

Turnstone Office Settings

Nobody specializes in creating fresh, innovative, and inspiring work settings like Turnstone. With a range of desks and seating that's completely new, Turnstone has a workplace setting for you. The first settings to check out are composed of the Bivi Collection. Bivi is built around a modular desking concept that allows you to expand, rearrange, and optimize your desk setting as your office grows. The Campfire Collection is another great option. Campfire is a variety of seating, tables, and storage that when used together creates informal settings apart from your office's main work space. These can be used as individual retreats or comfy group settings to discuss ideas or brainstorm. The Bivi and Campfire Collections are both testaments to Turnston's creativity and outside the box thinking.
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Bivi Conference for Eight

The Bivi Conference for Eight is an oval-shaped modular conference table that seats eight - and then converts to desks when you don't need the conference table. Includes space for optional power supply. MDF with steel base construction.
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Bivi Office for One

The Bivi Office for One consists of a Bivi Table, one Bivi Big Depot for storage, and two Bivi Top Shelves to keep track of desktop items. Choose your laminate color and powder-coated steel base finish.
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Bivi Office for Two

The Bivi Office for Two consists of two Bivi Tables that can be configured side by side facing the same direction, or facing opposite directions for a change of pace. One Bivi Big Depot is included for storage space. MDF desktop and Big Depot, with powder-coated steel desk base and hardware.
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Bivi Shared Table for Six

The Bivi Shared Table for Six consists of one Bivi Table for Two (with or without back pocket storage), two Bivi Plus Two desk additions, and two Bivi Trunks for storage at each end of the desk - and extra workspace. MDF construction with powder-coated steel base and hardware.
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Bivi Conference for Six

The Bivi Conference for Six is a half-oval shaped modular conference table that seats six - and then converts to a double desk when you don't need the conference table. Includes space for optional power supply. MDF with steel base construction.
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Bivi Office for Four

The Bivi Office for Four is a setting of four desks, two side by side and two facing them. Modular, this setting can be broken up into two desks for two people. MDF desktops and powder-coated steel legs and hardware.
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Bivi Suite for One

The Bivi Suite for One consists of 1 Bivi Table (with or without Back Pocket storage), 1 Bivi Bigger Depot for shelving, 3 Bivi Top Shelf units for desktop storage, 1 Campfire Ottoman for guest seating, one Campfire Screen for privacy, 1 Campfire Big Lounge for even more seating, 1 Campfire Paper Table, and 1 Campfire Personal Table.
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Bivi Shared Office for Four

The Bivi Shared Office for Four consists of one Bivi Table for Two (with or without back pockets), one Bivi Plus Two add-on desk, one Bivi Trunk for attached storage at the desk end, and one Bivi Bigger Depot for office shelving. MDF construction, with powder-coated steel hardware and base.
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Campfire Shanty

The Campfire Shanty consists of 1 Big Lounge for a comfortable seating space, 1 Paper Table for a writing pad/coffee table, and 2 Screens (1 left, 1 right-facing) to create a semi-private area within a larger space. Meet and brainstorm in a creative space with the Campfire Shanty.
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Bivi Private Office for One

The Bivi Private Office for One consists of one Bivi Table (with or without Back Pocket storage), one Bivi Depot for shelving, one Campfire Screen for privacy, and one Campfire Ottoman to give your visitors a seat to pull up. All pieces are from Turnstone. Chair not included.
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Campfire Oasis

The Campfire Oasis consists of 4 Screens (2 left, 2 right-facing) for privacy and space definition, 1 Big Lamp for subtle area lighting, and 1 Big Table for a place to meet or work. The Big Table is available counter height or desk height, and with or without a power supply tech tray. Seating sold separately.
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Campfire Base Camp

The Campfire Base Camp workplace setting consists of 1 Big Lounge and 3 Ottomans for seating, 2 Screens for privacy, 1 Big Lamp for overhead lighting, and 1 Paper Table with 1 Personal Table for portable workspaces. The Paper Table can be written on to make meetings more creative.
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Turnstone Office Tables

Turnstone is committed to producing incredible modern furniture for the revolutionary world of the modern office. A place where your needs change every week, where your workers have to wear lots of different hats to meet the needs of an ever-growing and diversifying client base, and where the very idea of standard office furniture badly needs to be re-thought. Turnstone brings a fresh perspective, an advanced sense of design, and a wealth of experience producing nontraditional furniture for the increasingly nontraditional working world. That's where the Turnstone Settings come in.

Turnstone Settings provide flexible, adaptable workspaces and desking solutions for single workers, small groups, and large groups. Each Setting is designed to take full advantage of the creative and productive energy generated by your workforce in meetings, pitches, and informal brainstorming sessions. The Campfire and Bivi Collections in particular feature beautiful pieces of furniture and some truly innovative layouts to harness that intellectual firepower. Whether you need to create oases where people can be alone to think and work out new ideas, or a dynamic group-oriented conferencing space, these Turnstone collections have you covered. With options for 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 and even more workers at once, Turnstone has broken the mold on new ways for your workforce to get together.

Settings from Bivi include the Bivi Office for One, Two, Four, and Eight. The Bivi Suite offers a different version of the same basic system, providing a fully articulated individual workspace that can be adapted at a moment's notice if needs be.

Campfire solutions bring an informal energy to the workplace, providing spaces for people to gather, both intentionally and unintentionally, and share and build ideas. The Oasis and the Base Camp both bring an open but insular feel to the stuffy world of conference room and the big meeting table.