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Turnstone Office Storage

The modern office is not exempt from the storage issues that have plagued workplaces for decades. Filing, clutter, electronics - contemporary office have an unprecedented amount of stuff that they have to organize, store, and keep track of. Storage devices and organizational furniture are more crucial than they've ever been. Turnstone has focused their attention on creating fresh, all encompassing solutions to these persistent problems. Storage furniture is a big part of any modern office, and Turnstone storage systems and collections are focused on being complete solutions. Products like the Turnston Bivi Trunk and the Campfire Mobile Cart are two of the most accomplished products in this vein.

This Turnstone Storage solution focuses on creating deep storage pockets with a sleek outer shell that keeps the office looking clean, sleek, and contemporary. The Bivi Trunk is set low, so that it can be added to the side of a Bivi Desk and create a seamless look.

The Campfire Mobile Cart combines the mobility and flexibility of contemporary working offices with standard shelving and storage options. It features a door that can close off the clutter or jumble of equipment that can sometimes make your shelves looks messy and ill-considered. Being able to move it anywhere with ease makes this solution particularly well suited for office that change all the time.

These storage solutions (there are three, which get increasingly bigger) are beautiful and simple. Designed to look like the cubby's children use in school, but with a sophisticated, contemporary feel, the Bivi Depot can store pretty much anything and look great while doing it. The different versions have three, six and nine different storage compartments.

Turnstone storage combines the fresh, modern look of Turnstone furniture with simple storage options that make your working life easier.