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Turnstone Office Tables

Turnstone produces a wide range of exceptional tables and work surfaces for their office systems. The modern office has gone far beyond the traditional surfaces of desk and conference table - Turnstone products reflect that new reality by being multiple, adaptable, and modular.

Sets like the Bivi Collection and Campfire Collection meet different needs with the same focus on flexibility and adaptable surfaces. Bivi Tables are focused on individual or small group work, with a focus on making computer monitors, laptops and various electronics easy to use and organize while working. The Campfire collection is all about working with larger groups and brainstorming. The Campfire Paper Table, for instance, is a table that you can write and brainstorm on, with tearaway sheets of paper that allow you to keep working deep into your best idea sessions, or reset when you're getting off course. The Campfire Big Table is designed as a combination eating, talking, and meeting table.

The modern office is a completely different place than it was even ten years ago, and Turnstone has made it their mission to create furniture that answers the new needs and imperatives of the contemporary office. Workers today need space to work and play - or do both, as with the fun but productive Campfire Collection. They also need to be able to change up their workspace quickly and easily to adapt to new tasks, new people, and new environments. Electronics troughs, which can be found on or added to much of the Turnstone product line, are another essential element of the modern desk or work table.

With a wide range of tables and workspace to fit the needs of the contemporary office, Turnstone is a major player in the modern workspace and desking game.