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You can never have enough beautiful chairs in your home, apartment, or office. Great chairs are a necessity for each and every room, and for practically every purpose dwellings and workplaces serve - eating, talking, working, playing, etc. That's why Smart Furniture has made it one of our top priorities to stock hundreds and hundreds of amazing chairs for every task, every room, and every taste. This fantastic roster of chairs from Younger Furniture in North Carolina is among our very best collections, and we know there's something here for every fine furniture lover.

Younger chairs come in a vast range of styles, colors, and textures. They often have one foot in the world of modern, midcentury design and another in contemporary, 21st century flavors. Here you can find the right armchair, side chair, bar stool, dining chair, and lounge chair for every room in your home or office. The Lily Chair and the Mikel Chair bring a sleek, retro feel to the standard sitting room chair, complete with traditional materials and construction. The Rose, Trudy and Jackie Chairs are much more contemporary and forward thinking, with unmistakably 21st century design and style. The selection is varied and multi-purpose - the constant is the high functionality and great craftsmanship you expect from Younger Furniture.

Younger is known for their commitment to incredible craftsmanship, traditional methods of construction and design, and for their decision to keep the entirety of their operation here in the United States. From design to manufacturing, Younger Furniture is entirely a product of North Carolina.