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Younger LogoYounger Furniture is fast becoming one of the premier designers and manufacturers of fine furniture the world over. What makes that triumph even sweeter is the fact that all of that design, style, craftsmanship and manufacturing happens right here in the United States. Proudly owned and operated exclusively in North Carolina, Younger Furniture has made their name producing fine furniture in fine style, without ever relying on faraway factories and workers to actually produce the furniture. One of the signature products that has made the Younger Furniture name is their loveseats. Younger Furniture loveseats are distinctive and varied, with one foot in the world of traditional design and another firmly in the world of modernity and contemporary styling.

At Smart Furniture we offer a great selection of their masterpieces, including the Lilly Loveseat, the Kara Loveseat, the Parker Loveseat, the Michael Apartment Loveseat, and the James Apartment Sofa.

The Lilly Loveseat is a mid-century type, with smooth and svelte design. The legs of the loveseat angle out from the center of the chair, providing just a touch of edge to this soft and supple piece. The Kara Loveseat is even more traditional, with a row of couch buttons on the upper pads and a thinner, tapered leg. The Parker Loveseat is as stuffed and inviting as loveseats come, with thick cushions and pads and equally soft and giving couch pillows. The James Apartment Sofa and the Michael Apartment Loveseat are cool and contemporary. All of these great pieces can be customized til they're perfect for your space, and perfect for your taste.

Have a look at how these sofas and loveseats are made in Younger's facility in North Carolina.