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Younger LogoYounger Furniture, one of our newest available brands at Smart Furniture, has become very well known for their exceptional sectional pieces. Sectional sofas and couches are an essential aspect of many living rooms, dens, family rooms, waiting rooms, and communal gathering places in the home and office. Versatile in build, with many purposes and a wide range of possible sitting positions, sectionals are a contemporary answer to the persistent problem of adequate lounge seating. Smart Furniture is committed to bringing our customers the very best when it comes to sectional furniture - we have dozens and dozens of choices, all from the very best brands and dealers the world over. Sectionals from Younger Furniture, which you see here, truly go above and beyond to give users a tremendous lounge experience in their homes and offices.

The Grace Sectional, for instance, is a classic example of a contemporary, overstuffed sofa that looks as good as it feels. The Scout Sectional owes its style to the polished works of the mid-century masters - it would be right at home in an episode of Mad Men - but it still brings great comfort and relaxation. Large sectionals, smaller ones perfect for apartments and modest rooms - you can find it all here from Younger Furniture.

Younger Furniture is a design and manufacturing team that we're very proud and excited to be working with. After nearly a quarter century in business (founded in 1989) their calling card remains traditional craftsmanship, inimitable quality, and a diverse set of influences that produce both modern (mid-century) and contemporary furniture. Perhaps most impressively, all of their operations are right here in the United States - nothing is done overseas, and no buck is ever passed when it comes to design, build, and distribution.