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Younger Furniture Sofas offer customers a range of styles, looks, colors and historical inspiration that's hard to match. Younger keeps one foot firmly in the past, with sofas that are perfect emulations and evocations of mid-century style, and one foot firmly in the present, with undeniably contemporary products that feel new, exciting, even daring. The throughline, as it must be for every Smart Furniture partner, is impeccable craftsmanship and quality. Every Younger Furniture Sofa has been built precisely and unimpeachably - the simple quality of the furniture has become one of their signatures.

When looking through the Younger catalogue, you have lots and lots of options - with so many sofas, it's easy to match your personality, your style, or your existing interior design to the perfect product. The Chelsea Sofa, for instance, is a tasteful traditional sofa, with high arms and moderate padding. The Reagan Sofa is a traditional design as well, but it goes with low, rounded arms and an overstuffed, supremely comfortable look. The Chill Armless Sofa and the Joel Sectional, on the other hand, are fresh, contemporary, and fun, with a style all their own. It's almost impossible to go wrong with one of the fine sofas and sectionals available at Younger. As a further bonus you can make use of our legendary design engine and choose the right fabric and color for your perfect Younger Sofa!

Younger Furniture is a well established furniture emporium, nearly 25 years old, with a fully functional and fully American manufacturing arm that produces all of their furniture in North Carolina. Every stick of furniture you receive from Younger has been designed, carved, assembled, crafted and shipped right here in the United States - an impressive commitment to local manufacturing.

Have a look at how these sofas are made in Younger's facility in North Carolina.