What is FurnitureGenius?


The Smartest Shopping Tool on the Web

FurnitureGenius makes shopping for furniture easier and better than anywhere else on the web. We use your tastes and budget to create a personally curated collection of furniture to shop. FurnitureGenius makes buying furniture online smarter.

The furniture experts at Smart Furniture know how hard it is to find the perfect piece of furniture. Between style, material, fabric, and budget, choosing the ideal item can seem almost impossible. Since we have a team of "Furniture Geniuses" that help match people with the furniture of their dreams every day, we used their extensive knowledge to create FurnitureGenius—the most advanced shopping tool on the internet.

Using your tastes, preferences, and budget, we create custom catalogs designed specifically for you. Even if you don't know the difference between Industrial Chic or Modern Eclectic, we'll show you the stuff you do like so that you're not distracted by the things you don't.

How it Works

First, we get to know you a little bit. Through a series of five easy-to-answer questions, we get a feeling for your style, how much you want to spend, and what room you're shopping for. Once you complete the quiz, we show you products that we think you'll like. It's that easy.

So how exactly do we do it?

Without getting into fancy language or scientific jargon like algorithms and attributes, we cataloged every product on our site. Each product has its own style, price, and quality, so we tied all of those things together. Imagine a long list of check boxes that each product can fill. We figured out which boxes each product fills and make those fit with the boxes that you find most important.

Then, the only thing missing is you.

That's where the questionnaire comes in. We ask you a handful of simple questions to get an idea of which check boxes are important to you. Once we have that magical missing piece, we're able to show you products that fit your unique preferences. We don't make our website what we want it to be—we make it what you want it to be.

You might think to yourself, “What if I lie on my quiz? What if I don't actually like what FurnitureGenius recommends to me?”

We asked ourselves the same thing, which is why FurnitureGenius actually learns what you like while you shop. As you click on products and spend time on certain pages, it continues to learn what types of products you're into so that it can give you more of them. You create your own private collection of furniture to shop while you're browsing. If you get tired of it, you can turn it off and shop like normal.

From the Minds of Geniuses

At SmartFurniture.com, we have some of the smartest people in web design working on making our site the best place in the world to buy furniture. Here are some of the geniuses that helped create FurnitureGenius and the amazing things that it does.

  • Sales Geniuses: These are the folks that know more about furniture than most people think about in a lifetime. They read, talk, and dream about furniture every single day. They know the difference between a double doweled and stapled sofa frame. They can write essays on the difference between dovetailed and flush face drawers. They know what types of furniture works for what kind of space, and they can match it all up by budget. Sound familiar?
  • Marketing Geniuses: What's the good of having a personal shopper if you only have a couple of things to choose from? Our marketing team works tirelessly to ensure that our website always has a wide selection of products to fit almost any lifestyle. Not only that, but our marketers make sure that those products can get in front of you. Remember how each product has its own boxes to check? Someone has to check the boxes, and these are the folks that do it.
  • Programming Geniuses: Having a great idea is worthless if you can't make it a reality. Our programmers turned an idea into reality by creating the whole framework that FurnitureGenius operates on. Using strange graphs, algorithms, and languages (is C++ even a real thing?), our programmers make FurnitureGenius come to life.
  • People Geniuses: We can't leave out the customer service team that makes sure you're completely satisfied with your purchase. If we recommend the wrong thing to you, you'll probably want to return it and get the right thing. Our service team makes sure that your needs are always met and that you're 100% satisfied with every purchase you make. From start to finish, a genius has your back.

Get Started Now!

What are you waiting for? Get started with FurnitureGenius by clicking this link and filling out your personal style quiz. You'll have a personalized website in just 5 short questions!
Don't forget that you can always call one of our sales geniuses for help if you need it at 800-260-8420. You'll get through to a real person right away. The robots can't always win.