Space-Saving Favorites

Space-Saving Favorites from

Smart Furniture is enthusiastic about bringing space saving furniture ideas into the homes of everyone. No matter the size of a home, a universal problem seems to be clutter. Saving space in your home is a great way to eliminate the problem of clutter, and in some cases can allow for a significantly larger usable space. Smart Furniture offers a wide variety of pieces to help you maximize the smaller spaces of your home, no matter what particular room. These pieces range from coat racks to lighting to large cabinetry.
The Flip Hook Coat Rack is designed to fit behind any door, or in any nook or cranny. This commendable piece of furniture is built with an extremely narrow silhouette. This coat rack can impressively support up to twenty-five pounds of weight. The hooks of the coat rack flip down when in use, and can be flipped up for a sleeker look when they are not needed. The coat rack is made of hardwood with brushed nickel retractable hooks, and can be purchased for a very affordable $30.00. This coat rack can offer extra space in a closet or even allow you to finally use that armchair in your bedroom that’s been covered in coats all winter.
If you’re living in a home that’s smaller than you might prefer, or pining away for a larger kitchen and maybe one day a dining room, the Skovby Multi-Function Extending Table is the answer to your prayers. This exquisite piece of space saving furniture is filled with illusion and an almost magical quality. The table can be transformed from a small-scale kitchen table for one or two people into a beautiful dinner party accessory large enough to seat six on the spot. The base of the table opens to expose a drawer with large amounts of space for storing plates, bowls, silverware, napkins, decorations, or whatever else needs to be stowed away. Finally providing the perfect place to put all of your mismatched dinnerware, so that your prized china can be on display in your original cabinetry. Splurging on this table may seem extravagant, but the excitement during your next dinner party will quickly wash away any budgetary concerns.
Another great addition for a smaller home is the LAX Series Wall Mounted Desk. This piece of space saving furniture is ideal for the consumer that doesn’t have an entire room to devote to work. This desk affixes directly to the wall, allowing for an adequate workspace without transforming the entire room. The face of the desk sits modestly at five feet high. The desk has an aluminum cover that slides in front of three alcoves used for storage. The desk is constructed of solid English walnut and has a natural oil finish.
The Real Wood Floating Shelf is a great space saver for odds and ends around the house that need to be put on display. If you’ve been looking for a unique way to display your children’s artwork or awards, then you’ve found the solution in this uniquely designed floating shelf. This piece of space saving furniture is made from solid pine and creates the illusion that the wood is floating in thin air. The bracket system and hinges on the shelf are hidden, allowing the shelf to act as a perfect platform for you treasured pieces instead of a distraction from them.
A great contemporary space saver in any modern home is a set of 3x3 Storage Cubes. These storage cubes are perfect for any home and any style. They can be used against a wall, or as a divider to break up space between rooms. They can create two rooms where there used to be one. Stack two 3x3 storage cubes together to create a larger 6x3 piece of space saving furniture. The cubes are available is 6 different colors, and are made out of a heat infused melamine with fiberboard core construction. Like all of Smart Furniture’s shelves, the Stacked Storage Cubes come with a lifetime warranty. These storage cubes can hold up to seventy-five pounds of items. The storage cubes are resistant to almost everything including scratches, dents, and water. These space saving furniture items can be molded to fit your home perfectly and are a great way to display your favorite books, vases, glasses, bowls, or whatever else is important in your home.
The Diffrient Light offers a unique answer to a space saving problem. The Diffrient Light has a base that can be affixed to the side of your desk, eliminating the bulky and cumbersome bases associated with most desk lamps. This particular space saving furniture is offered with two different shades and with adjustable illumination. The clamp-mounting feature allows the consumer to enjoy perfect lighting over their workspace, without having a clutter filled desk.
Smart Furniture offers a variety of space saving media towers. These pieces of space saving furniture are perfect for the unorganized home. If you have CDs, DVDs, old movies, books, or anything else lying around your home unorganized, you need a media tower. Having all of these things in one place creates a sense of rest in a home. The 4-Sided Spinning Media Tower creates effortless access to an extensive media collection. This tower is available in two different finishes, and gives you all the space you need to store your media items neatly and out of the way. The streamlined design of this particular media tower allows it to fit in well with both contemporary and traditional decors. The design also saves space by building up instead of out. Traditional CD holders have always been long and have taken up a large amount of space in your entertainment center. Not only will the tower allow you to clean out your entertainment center, but it will let you find what you’re looking for much faster. The large tower holds over 1,000 CDs or almost 500 DVDs, and costs just under $230.00. The 2-Sided Spinning Media Tower is identical to the larger 4-Sided Media Tower, with only two sides used as storage spaces. This tower holds just over 500 CDs or 220 DVDs.
Smart Furniture is committed to continuing to create and make available space saving furniture for a large amount of people. No matter your budget, style, or décor, there is something at Smart Furniture to perfectly suit your needs.