10 Round Picks for Pi Day

  • Author: Catharine
  • Posted: Friday, March 14, 2014
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3/14/2014 is here, and guess what that means? You got it - Pi Day. I've compiled a list of things that are round and awesome to celebrate this renowned holiday. Every home needs a shot of circular symmetry.

10 Round Picks for Pi Day

1. Nelson Ball Clock


Circles! Lots of circles! Whether your flavor is multi-colored, simple black, or white, the Ball Clock is a
Nelson standard and one of the most recognizable designs of the 20th century.


2. Turnstone Buoy


Here's a circle that lets you turn in a circle as you sit. The Buoy isn't your traditional stool. It's height
adjustable and has a rocker base that lets you change positions with the greatest of ease. Great for
core muscles - and great for morale with bright colors!


3. Wireframe End Table


Closed storage that's open storage that's decor.... The round Wireframe End Table is industrial enough
to be interesting and urbane enough to appeal to nearly anyone of modern persuasion.


4. CableDrop Cable Clips


Such cute little half-round things! These little buggers adhere to your desk and help you keep track
of all those elusive (and messy) cables.


5. Pixo Desk Lamp


LED lighting has come a long way, y'all. Pixo is the epitome of fresh. It's got a stable base that
allows the arm to adjust and provide light where you need to see more clearly.


6. Mesa Ceramic Fruit Bowl


Classy and understated, with the kind of tone that lets you dress it up with anything you want. The
Mesa bowl is a killer addition to your dining table. And it's round, which is awesome.


7. Thomas Paul Oval Rug


Hand-tufted New Zealand wool and a super-striking modern pattern give the Thomas Paul Oval Rug
a definite place in our collection of all things circular. Yes, it's a round oval rug.
Yes, I had to think about that one the first time I said it.


8. Componibili


Stack it up and fill it with all those things you need - but that you don't want to show off. The round
Componibili is one of the most fun modular storage options out there.


9. Gilbert Wall Mirror


The Gilbert mirror was made for Pi Day. It's made up of three levels of circular shapes, starting with the
mirror itself and extending out through its unique frame. See? Math can be glam.


10. Pi Coffee Table

PICOFFEE (580x452)

Is this serendipity, or what? Yes, Blu Dot did name a table after the best number EVER. The
Pi Coffee Table (and its sibling Pi End Table) is the epitome of balance. Happy Pi Day, everyone!
Now go bake a pie, cut that funny little mathematical symbol in it, and put it on Pinterest.