5 Decor Tips and Tricks for Small Spaces

  • Author: Maggie
  • Posted: Monday, April 07, 2014
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Apartment dwelling (and small space living in general) demands the conservation and tactful use of space. Both furniture and accent pieces have to be edited and taken into consideration. Here are 5 decor tricks and tips that can easily be implemented in a small-footprint space while injecting an element of pizzazz and personality.


Ceiling lamps of all sorts are simple additions to a small home or apartment because they don't take up any of your floor space. Find a pendant or chandelier that will inject your personality into the room and it will add utilitarian value as well.





Mirrors allow you to add touches of decor while only making use of your wall space. They don't take up any square footage.  Another plus: they will often make your room appear larger as well as reflect light.




Another no-brainer for a small space. There is practically a rug for everyone; even if you are of the anti-rug persuasion, you will undoubtedly find one that appeals to you. Rugs add color, pattern, playfulness, and bring visual focus to a room. They help vignette and section space off as well. The key to finding a rug that won't make a small space more cramped is to implement a limited color palette. Picking a rug with one or two bold/bright colors can add drama and personality to a space.

Thomas Paul Floral Rug

Thomas Paul Floral Rug







Take note of the silhouette and shape of a piece of furniture. Interior designer, Heather Zick, urges the use of armless seating because sofas and chairs with armrests take up extra unnecessary space. Form and Function can converge with armless seating as the silhouette of the armless chair or sofa acts as a striking design element as well.




Think clearly ... literally. Transparent chairs provide needed seating with the illusion of more space. A clear or translucent table adds an element of intrigue as objects placed on it look as though they are floating mid-air.




Small spaces don't have to be bland or dull - and adding elements of decor and personality doesn't have to add chaos either. Simply pick a few of our tips and implement them in your home. Having trouble finding the pieces of furniture for your space that fit your personality? Take our SmartProfile to have a completely personalized shopping experience.