An Emu; and Perhaps Some Outdoor Furniture

  • Author: Maggie
  • Posted: Tuesday, March 12, 2013
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We have never before been able to post a picture of a wild creature that was actually relevant to our conversation, so I'm relishing this opportunity. Let me present to you an emu whose name is Bob (although he prefers to be called Sir Robert Jones III). He is relevant, and I'm sure he would be insulted if we didn't take him seriously. I mean, to become a Sir, there has to be a King or Queen willing to confer Knighthood upon you. And if that happens, then from that point on everyone has to call you Sir Jones or risk the wrath of your indignation.


Sir Jones the Emu

Sir Jones is capable of being very indignant, since he's six feet tall


Let's discuss the relevant part, then. Right now we have a sale going on at Smart Furniture. We usually have something or other at a discount, and in this case the "something" is Emu outdoor furniture by Coalesse. It doesn't look like an emu. Whereas emus are gawky and awkward-looking (except for Sir Jones pleasedon'tkickme), Emu patio furniture is not. It's very graceful; it's almost hard to imagine that it's made from wire. We've had the chance to sit in it at our offices when we first started carrying the line, and I was very impressed with its comfort level. I could have sat in the Emu Heaven Side Chair for a longer period of time than I can sit in most fabric outdoor chairs.


Heaven Side Chair

Heaven Side Chair from Emu by Coalesse


Lest you think that we're only talking about chairs, there are also outdoor tables. Emu has a lot to offer (much like Sir Jones, in fact). The Heaven Table is a beautiful patio table that perfectly matches any of the various chairs from Emu. It's topped with easy-to clean glass, and the whole package is so weather-resistant it's almost magical. Just take the top of and spray the base down with a hose, and you're good to go. In any case, here's the Heaven Table in all its glory. Go check out the Emu Sale now!


Heaven Table

Heaven Table from Emu by Coalesse