Cherner & Carl Hansen - A Perfect Match

  • Author: Catharine
  • Posted: Thursday, October 17, 2013
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Right now we have the enjoyable (and unexpected) experience of offering two fine mid-century collections for sale at the same time.

Carl Hansen tables and chairs, including the much-applauded Wishbone Chair, are on sale right now at 15% off through  October 22nd (this coming Tuesday). These clean Danish modern pieces are some of the world's most balanced furniture designs.

In addition, Cherner dining storage is also 15% off now through October 30th. The way the two makers fit together is a sight to behold, and creates some of the most welcoming, graceful lines the dining room has ever seen.


Carl Hansen and Cherner Dining Room Setting

Cherner cabinets provide a perfectly mid-century counterpart to the beautiful wood tones of
Hans Wegner's artistically formed Wishbone Chair and CH339 Table from Carl Hansen.


In speaking of Hans Wegner, Paola Antonelli (curator of MoMA) said, "He was one of what I think of as the humble giants of 20th-century design, those men who would probably shun the term designer and prefer to call themselves cabinetmakers ... first and foremost, [his furniture is] comfortable, and saying that it's comfortable before saying it's beautiful is really high praise, because the truth is that it's incredibly elegant." (source)


Carl Hansen Dining Room Setting

The Carl Hansen Wishbone Chair is an exceptionally designed piece, capable of creating a mood
that is both warm and distinctly modern. Its clean, curvaceous lines are far from austere; rather, they
draw the eye in the sort of way your eye would be drawn to the face of an old friend.


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