DIY: Colorful Jars

  • Author: Maggie
  • Posted: Wednesday, May 29, 2013
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DIY: Colorful Jars


The saying that "April showers bring May flowers" always rings true as Spring rains transition into bright and bold Summer foliage. The welcome of Summer has been instantaneous here in Tennessee. In fact, I am quite sure that the long Memorial Day weekend ushered in the onset of sunburns for most. My rosy sunburn was gained while tending to my garden, from which I decided to take a few flowers inside. I don't like ostentatious vases; I think the flowers should be the focus. But sometimes plain mason jars aren't enough. Here is a DIY that adds a pop of color without stealing the thunder of the floral arrangement.


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Now let's begin - DIY: Colorful Jars


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1} Gather any glass jars or vases in need of a makeover. Make sure
you wash them first. Set up a DIY station with a drip cloth
(notice that I have used the drip cloth from the Dip Dye DIY)


2013-05-19 19.05.14

2} Grab buckets that can hold house paints and are larger than the circumference of the glass objects.
Fill the buckets with your paint. I used semi-gloss house paint already available to me.


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3} Dip the jar or vase base first in to the paint 2 or 3 times. Then flip it upside down
so that the paint will ripple down the sides (optional).


2013-05-19 19.08.40

4} Flip the jars right side up to dry.


2013-05-22 11.07.14-1

5} Once the paint has dried completely, you can start arranging flowers!


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This DIY is great if you are planning a party on a budget because
the vases make fun centerpieces.