Embody Chair Review: Day 2

  • Author: Maggie
  • Posted: Wednesday, March 20, 2013
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A while back, the folks here at Smart Furniture were curious about Herman Miller's Embody Chair and how well it would affect their everyday work environment — so what better way to figure it out than to just sit in one! I was happy to take the opportunity to sit on Embody for one week and write about my thoughts. Here's day 2 of our Embody Chair review.


Day Two

So I've had a full day to sit in the Embody chair, and I figured out that by adjusting the seat pan I could get the whole chair to tilt more easily. What a difference! Whereas I was sitting in a comfortable, but not incredibly comfortable, chair before trying out Embody, now I don't really have the sensation of sitting so much as I feel like I'm relaxing in front of my computer.


Embody Chair

The Embody Chair has a forward-thinking design


I really think that the people who consulted on the design of the Embody were my age. We're the "look like you're not working even though you really are" generation. Who else could come up with a chair that enables you to be so comfortable whilst tilted backwards? Gone are the days of frantic busywork while perched precariously on the edge of your seat (because if you try to lean into your chair your rear end will slide forward, and your back will feel like it needs to go farther back but it can't without making your rear slide even farther). These are the days of non-mutually-exclusive jobs: productivity and comfort.

You'd think I was getting paid to like this chair. I promise: I'm not getting paid to like it. I'm just really enjoying my current assignment.

Today my back feels much better than it did yesterday morning. Part of that is because I fixed my lawnmower and mowed the lawn last night. Oh, wait ... my back hurt a lot after that. That, more than my ridiculous writing style and hyperbolic illustrations, speaks volumes about the comfort level of the Embody. Actually, it's not just comfortable ... it's therapeutic. See you tomorrow!


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