Embody Chair Review: Day 4

  • Author: Maggie
  • Posted: Friday, March 22, 2013
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A while back, the folks here at Smart Furniture were curious about Herman Miller's Embody Chair and how well it would affect their everyday work environment — so what better way to figure it out than to just sit in one! I was happy to take the opportunity to sit on Embody for one week and write about my thoughts. Here's day 4 of our Embody Chair review.


Day 4

It is a well-documented fact that workers need to get up, stretch their legs, and look at something besides their computer screens every so often. Today I found one limitation of the Embody chair. It is so comfortable to sit in that I forgot to get up every so often. As a result, my posterior finally told me that it didn't want to be sat upon any longer, and would I please get up for a bit. That's more my memory's fault than a fault of the Embody chair I was using, but the Embody did facilitate that mental lapse.


Embody Chair

The Embody Chair helps users work effectively


Note: remember to get up, even if you're comfortably seated. It may be that you really do need the break for your eyes and legs without realizing it. I'm about to go play ping-pong.

Second Note: my back doesn't hurt today, and my sore neck is getting better, too. That doesn't mean that the Embody is healing me (I'd pay more than MSRP for a chair that did that), but it does mean that it is allowing my body to heal itself without hindering it by putting me in uncomfortable positions. The Embody chair is really working with me.

Earlier I was sitting kind of crooked in my seat, resting my chin on my elbow while watching a presentation remotely on the web. I realized, after a bit, that my posture wasn't making my back twist unnaturally because the back of the Embody had flexed to accommodate the additional pressure my position had applied to that side of the seat back. The firm—yet yielding—support that the Embody provides has been a pleasure to utilize thus far.


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